Unrevised data showing no slots on CoWin website, citizen can directly approach centres to get their jab: Nagpur Mayor

Unrevised data showing no slots on CoWin website, citizen can directly approach centres to get their jab: Nagpur Mayor

Nagpur: While Nagpurians finding hard to secure their vaccination slot on CoWin website, as all the slots at Nagpur centres showing full — many people blamed it on the vaccines shortage, attributed due to the lack of competency and mismanagement of the Administration — however, Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari has clarified that there are enough vaccines available at the centres, one can even directly get their jab by reaching out to the designated vaccination centre. It’s the data on CoWin website that has not been revised. This could be the reason perhaps all the slots are showing booked, he rectified.

Mayor Tiwari said, “The Government has recently announced gap of around 90-days before administering second dose of the Covid vaccine. The move has not only helped everyone to review vaccination drives but also mitigated the vaccines paucity. So first of all I want to clarify that there’s no shortage of vaccines in Nagpur. However, as far as CoWin website is concern, many people book their slot at several centres but never show up for vaccination. These pending enrolments then add up to the current status of slots and perhaps attributing to this crises,” said Tiwari and added that, “Citizen can directly approach the designated vaccination centres for their jab.”

Travelling to villages to get vaccinated:
It is pertinent to mention that city dwellers were compelled to visit nearby villages for their jabs, due to lack of slot availability shown on CoWin website within Municipal boundaries.

Citizens expressing anguish on social media:
From enrolling on the CoWin website, waiting for the OTP to following the procedure, people are facing several issues while trying to schedule an appointment. Even after spending hours on the website and following the alerts, people have been unable to book vaccine slots. The constant struggle to get the jab has also diverted netizens to social media, where many are expressing their anguish, trolling mismanagement to highlight the grim situation.

State flagged shortage:
It is pertinent to mention that Maharashtra Government has already suspended Covid-19 vaccination for those in the 18-44 age group amid a shortage of the vaccine doses. Despite the fact that the State Government has decided to divert the vials of vaccines meant for the 18-44 age group for the use of people aged 45 years and above, Nagpurians are struggling to book slots to get the vaccine.