Nagpur Boy Nikhil Chandwani holds a world record for youngest Ph.D tag

Nagpur Boy Nikhil Chandwani holds a world record for youngest Ph.D tag

Nagpur: A 21 year old boy from Nagpur Nikhil Chandwani has entered the world records for completing PhD at the age of 21. Nikhil Chandwani has completed PhD in Business Communication at the age of 21.

Dr. Nikhil Chandwani (Ph.D.) is a published author of four books, Film Producer, Travel Script Writer, Director, Professor and CEO of Walnut Discoveries Pvt. Ltd. He was recently awarded Global Indian of the year honor for his contributions as a script writer. He has extensively researched on the current crisis in the Middle East. He was also the youngest Indian professor while he worked at KL University, Vijayawada and holds a world record for the same. He produced an upcoming Hindi feature film titled She-The Movie and is known for his documentaries Escape from Kenya and Amazing Amazon Adventures.

Nagpur Boy Nikhil Chandwani holds a world record for youngest Ph.D tag

He is a guest columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and a TED(x) Speaker. He is a regular Visiting Professor for over fourteen colleges in India. He is 48 countries strong. He is currently the Co-Founder of The Walnut School of Ideas with his elder brother. Mr. Dinesh Chandwani which is building towards a Pan-India Creative Development Education Forum with 3.8M USD market value.

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In talk with news agency, ANI, he said that he had no plans to do PhD. In Fact, he took admission in an engineering college after completing his schooling. He says, “In the crowd of 25,000 students in college, I was lost somewhere. I was facing Identity crisis.”

He said that he failed a number of times while he was in engineering college. “My head was down with shame“, says Nikhil.

And then, he started writing, which opened the doors of PhD for him. He started having interest in Business Communication.

Nikhil has been nominated for the prestigious Padma Shri awards this year. He wants to train one million students in creative fields which include writing and painting. Nikhil believes that creativity helps a person in the long run and also helps them to come out from loneliness and depression.