World’s first center for writers started from Nagpur


Writers Rescue center is first of its kind, a place for aspiring writers where we provide one to one mentorship to aspiring writers and help them to convert their thoughts into a proper book.

Along with this they also take care of publishing, distributing and marketing of your book on various online and offline channels.

Core Team includes Best Selling Author Nikhil Chandwani, Nikita Mandlekar, Ankit Mokadam, Darshana Mishra, Urvashi Palande and Shriniwas Senad

idea behind this rescue center was formulated by  (Ph.D.) who is a published author of six New York Times best-selling novels, Film Producer, Travel Script Writer, Director, Professor, Public Speaker and CEO of Walnut Discoveries Pvt. Ltd. He was recently awarded Global Indian of the year honor for his contributions as a scriptwriter. He was also the youngest Indian professor while he worked at KL University, Vijayawada. His name is penned in world record books for a professorship at twenty-one. He produced an upcoming Hindi feature film titled She-The Movie and is known for his documentaries Escape from Kenya and Amazing Amazon Adventures. His contributions made him the winner of American Literary Honour in the year 2015 and UK Writers’ Award. He is a guest columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and a TEDx Speaker.
Nikhil Chandwani Foundation is successful in solving the crisis of more than 9300 teens and adults through one to one mentorship, proper guidance in fields of writing and have helped them publish books, taking them to prominent stages like TEDx and International media. More than 50 of them are now TED(x) Speakers and 30+ best-selling authors with students ranging from age 16 to 72.
Most of the students were considered failures in life, suicidal, depressed, frustrated, and introverted as there is no proper guidance in fields of writing and social activism.

Because we live in a selfish world, everyone must be effective and confident in tackling the worldly problem.

The foundation developed world’s first writer to author, public speaker and visiting professor module where students would sign up for the foundation, seek complete help in writing, get their books published and marketed through the foundation. The writer is then taken to public speaking, slam poetry, and column writing fields and proper career is carved for writers.
The foundation has developed over 100 success stories where most of the students are published authors, TEDx speakers. People often talk about start-up mentorship, but creative human mentorship is missing in the modern world. There is no proper job module available for writers, and they often end up switching profession.

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