Devendra Gangadhar Fadnavis Biography


Devendra Gangadhar Fadnavis Biography

Devendra Gangadhar Fadnavis is the current Chief Minister of Maharashtra – A rare brand of politician who is both, erudite and popular with the masses. He holds a Graduate Degree in Law from Nagpur University, a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management and a Diploma in Methods and Techniques of Project Management from D.S.E. Berlin. Starting his political career in the mid nineties, in a short span, has become a respected political leader of the masses.

Devendra has played multiple leadership roles for both his political party as well as an elected representative of the people of Nagpur, Maharashtra. He has served as an elected member in the Municipal Corporation of Nagpur for two consecutive terms, in 1992 and 1997. He has the distinction of being the Second youngest Mayor in India and the youngest Mayor in Nagpur, when he served as the Mayor of Nagpur. He was also the only person to be re-elected and serve as the first ‘Mayor in Council’ of the State of Maharashtra. He has been elected Member of the Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra State, representing Nagpur, since, 1999.

Devendra is well known for his fine-combing intellectual analysis and thought leadership on several topics including those related to fiscal issues, disaster management and legal issues. His thoughts and ideas on how the economic divide between the poor and affluent can be bridged have been appreciated by experts. He has been credited with taking the bold decision of prioritizing the common man’s needs above bureaucratic layers or personal benefits.

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When Devendra Fadnavis speaks, the world listens. Arguably, one of the best speakers in the world of politics, Devendra Fadnavis’ speeches are transparent, to-the-point and very well argued. He speaks with correct figures and numbers and his speeches are not only well rehearsed but well researched with excellent legal and statistical evidence. His speeches are a forum to convey to the people,his political colleagues and the world that here is a people’s man who not just speaks but acts and most of the times, acts before he speaks. Devendra Fadnavis as a Speaker has spoken on international platforms to packed houses.



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