Celebrate the 58th Convocation of IIT Bombay in a virtual manner

IIT Bombay

The 58th Convocation of IIT Bombay took place today in a virtual reality mode due to the current transition situation. The institute had organized such a virtual convocation ceremony to ensure the health of the students as well as not to deprive them of the success and pride of the degree of the leading engineering institute in the country. To each graduate, Director Prof. It was a digital incarnation of Subhashish Chaudhary personally receiving his degree certificate. The medalists also felt that their medals were received by the chief guests. The convocation ceremony was telecast live on DD Sahyadri channel and on YouTube and Facebook.

The consecration ceremony is usually the last chance for students to get together with friends and professors. This year the institute gave students the opportunity to be present in a virtual manner, to roam the virtual campus, to visit hostels and departments, to meet friends and teachers.

Prof. Duncan Haldane, 2016 Joint Nobel Laureate in Physics, Professor of Physics at Princeton University, was the Chief Guest at the event. Blackstone co-founder and CEO, world-class investor and philanthropist Stephen Schwarzman was the guest of honor.

While presenting the report of the organization for the year 2019-2020, Prof. Subhashish Chaudhary informed that most of the students tend to IIT Bombay for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He said, “The main objective of IIT Bombay is to produce high quality graduates who are at the forefront of industry, research and education. The skills he acquired while studying at IIT Bombay, the work culture he nurtured are useful for success in his life. His contribution to the development of the country has attracted the attention of the entire country. He further said, “All faculty and staff, including high innovation, have made invaluable contributions in providing virtual reality experience for graduates. He did this for the students. We hope that this will make our graduates as well as other engineers in the country think big and innovative. ”

Chief Guest Prof. Haldane said the researchers have an architecture for everyone. Even if you are engaged in research motivated by a specific goal, take some time for unexpected curiosity. “Because the idea is that if you’re kicking a rock with your shoe, at the same time you might be reluctant to look for a rough diamond, and someone else will walk that path and see the diamond you found but didn’t notice.”

In his speech, Stephen Schwarzman said, “India has a special place in the world right now, especially in terms of technology, India has taken the global lead through talent. Unicorns has been founded by 72 engineers of Indian descent from around the world, half of whom are IIT students. IIT engineers are taking the place of global technology and new students are the future leaders who will take the campaign forward ”.

He further said that with a young, ambitious and technologically savvy population, a government of progressive thinking that supports entrepreneurship, and the world’s fourth largest start-up ecosystem, India could be a great hub for innovation.

This year’s graduate students include 381 Ph.D., 18 bachelor’s (M.Tech / M.Phil + Ph.D.) and 27 bachelor’s (M.Sc + P.H.D.). Of these, 39 researchers have been awarded the 2018-20 ‘Excellence in PhD Research’ award. In addition, 33 joint PhD holders, in collaboration with Monash University, have been appointed by the Vice Chancellor and President of Monash University, Prof. The Ph.D. was awarded by Margaret Gardner.

This year, one PhD was conducted under the joint supervision of the University of Washington, St. Louis in the United States, and two PhDs, [M.Tech + P.H.D. and M.Sc + P.H.D.] under the supervision of the University of Wollongong, Australia and the University of Quebec a Trois Revisions, Canada.

In addition, 11 MS (Research), 6 Bachelors (MSC + M Tech), 621 M Tech, 64 MDES, 20 M Phil, 110 MMGT, 225 Two year M.Sc, 2 Five year M.Sc, 342 B.Sc. B Tech + M Tech), 684 B Tech Degrees, 10 Interdisciplinary Diplomas (B Tech / BS + M Tech / MSC), 20 Diplomas (BDES + MDES), 6 Diplomas (BS + MSC), 16 BS, 15 BDES, and 16 PGDIIT, were awarded at the convocation.

This year, three students were awarded gold medals for outstanding performance. Sahil Hiral Shah (B.Tech.) Was awarded the ‘President of India’ Medal. The institute’s ‘Institute Gold Medal (2018-19)’ was awarded to Shashwat Shukla, Electronic Engineering, while ‘Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma Gold Medal’ was awarded to Prakash Singh Badal, Civil Engineering. In addition, silver medals were awarded to the students who came first from the department.

Prof. Margaret Gardner, President and Vice-Chancellor, Monash University, Australia, Board of Governors Member and many distinguished guests from home and abroad, graduate students and their parents attended the event online.