Successful Advanced Knee Arthroscopy Workshop at State-of-the-art Cadaveric Lab in Datta Meghe Medical College Applauded Worldwide


In a remarkable display of cutting-edge medical education and innovation, the Nagpur based Datta Meghe Medical College recently hosted a highly successful Advanced Knee Arthroscopy Workshop at its state-of-the-art Cadaveric Lab. This event brought together leading orthopaedic surgeons, medical students, and healthcare professionals from across the region to enhance their skills in knee arthroscopy procedures.

The DMMC Cadaveric Lab as per vision of DMIHER Principal Advisor Shri. Sagar Meghe is equipped with the latest technology and a wide range of instrumentation, provided an ideal setting for this immersive educational experience. This Lab is first of its kind in Central India.

The 2-day workshop held on 4th & 5th Nov 23, provided a unique hands-on learning experience for participants, allowing them to refine their surgical techniques and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in knee arthroscopy.

Dr. Ujwal Gajbe, Dean-DMMC proudly highlighted that the workshop welcomed delegates from various corners of India, including Kerala, Karnataka, Mumbai, Western Maharashtra, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Indore, and Gujarat. This diverse representation highlighted the workshop’s national outreach, bringing together participants from the length and breadth of the country.

Dr. Aashay Kekatpure, Professor, Orthopaedics & Organising Chairman stated that DMMC  received congratulatory messages from medical professionals in the UK, Indonesia, Serbia, and Korea, commending the efforts and global impact of DMMC Workshop. The expert faculty members delivered power-packed lectures on Day 1, which were broadcasted live on YouTube. On day 1- the faculty trained the delegates on Augmented reality which is state of art in surgical simulation . This broadcast attracted a global audience, with over 3000 viewers tuning in from different parts of the world. Furthermore, the workshop launched state-of-the-art Cadaveric Lab facility at DMMC to the world

Day 2 of the workshop was dedicated to hands-on cadaveric dissections. Delegates actively participated in Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction and Meniscus surgeries, building upon the theoretical knowledge imparted on Day 1. The meticulous planning and diligence of DMMC Department of Anatomy led by Dr. Trupti Balwir – Head & Dr. Brij Singh, Vice DeanDMMC facilitated the availability of high-quality softly embalmed cadavers, facilitating an immersive learning experience.

Dr. Vasant Gawande- Professor, Orthopaedics & Organising Co-Chairman added that the workshop attracted attention not only from participants but also from senior faculties within Nagpur. Several renowned professors expressed their inspiration, comparing the workshop to international standards observed in countries like Switzerland and Germany. They extended their willingness to collaborate, sharing innovative ideas and contributing to future endeavours organized by our team.

Dr. Anjali Borkar- Professor Incharge- School of Virtual Learning- DMMC stated that the success of the workshop was not only measured by the number of participants but also by the overwhelmingly positive feedback received. Delegates expressed their satisfaction through feedback forms, praising the course content, faculty expertise, and overall organization. Many participants eagerly anticipated future courses, underscoring their confidence in the organizers and their commitment to delivering exceptional educational experiences. The Knee Arthroscopy Workshop 2023 at DMMC Nagpur has set a new standard for educational excellence in arthroscopy.

At the outset, the Workshop was formally inaugurated by Dr. Anup Marar, Director- DMIHER Off campus who stated that the success of workshop has underscored the commitment of Datta Meghe Institute of Higher Education & Research led by Chancellor Shri. Dattaji Meghe and spearheaded by Vice Chancellor Dr. Lalitbhushan Waghmare to continuously improve medical education and provide an environment for healthcare professionals to refine their skills. He also paid tribute to the families and the pious deceased souls who donated their bodies to uplift medical science.

Prominently present on this occasion were Dr. Sandeep Shrivastava- Chief Mentor, Global Affairs- DMIHER, Dr. Sanjay Deshpande- Professor Orthopaedics- JNMC, Dr. Manoj Pahukar along with Dr. Vasant Gawande and Dr.Aashay Kekatpure. Dr. Tejas Apte conducted the proceedings while Dr. Kunal Saoji, Dr. Ashwin Chauhan and Dr. Mahesh Tumdum worked hard for the success of this undertaking along with Dr. Vrunda Sorte and Dr. Adeeba Siddique,  Faculty and staff of DMMC Anatomy & SVL Department.

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