Basilar Artery Fusiform Aneurysm – Once Incurable – Treated Successfully Using Novel Flow Diversion Technology


Nagpur : Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur, a leading health care provider, successfully treated a patient with once incurable Basilar Artery Fusiform Aneurysm with novel flow diversion technology avoiding a major surgery of the brain. This was one of a kind procedure which avoided a major surgery and also saved the life of patient.

Mr RM, a 36 years old male experienced a sudden and excruciating headache while at home during Diwali vacations. The pain was the worst headache of his life often described as thunderclap headache in medical literature.  Investigation with a CT brain showed that he had developed subarachnoid brain hemorrhage which is a life threatening illness as 20-30% patients don’t even make it to the hospital. A subarachnoid hemorrhage means that there is bleeding in the space that surrounds the brain.

To complicate the matter further, the patient developed seizures and hydrocephalus and was in a near comatose state when he reached hospital. Hydrocephalus is the buildup of fluid in cavities called ventricles deep within the brain. The excess fluid increases the size of the ventricles and puts pressure on the brain.

On arrival at Wockhardt hospital Nagpur, Dr. Amit Bhatti, who is a leading interventional neurologist and stroke specialist in town did an emergency brain digital subtraction angiography which is used in various forms of acute diseases and injuries of the brain. It showed that there was a fusiform aneurysm (bulging in the wall of the blood vessel) in the middle of the basilar artery. Couple of decades back this would have been a death sentence for the patient because the location of the aneurysm makes it almost impossible to operate surgically and even endovascular treatment becomes a challenge because of the shape.

However, Dr. Bhatti pointed out that due to recent advances in interventional neurology & development of devices like flow diverter stent these disorders are now easily treatable. As per Dr Bhatti, flow diverter stent is a special stent with very high mesh density that allows redirection of the blood flow away from the aneurysm sac thereby allowing the aneurysm to heal and thus enabling treatment of these rare types of aneurysms which were previously incurable.

 Dr. Amit Bhatti is M.D. D.M. (Neuro) D.N.B (Neuro) FINS (Interventional Neurology & Stroke) Consultant – Interventional Neurologist, and with his expertise did this entire procedure  through a needle sized puncture of the artery of the leg without any surgery of the skull.

Mr. Abhinandan Dastenavar , Centre Head, Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur said, ” Our doctors have once again proved their expertise and avoided a major surgery and helped save a life .

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