Upstox Bets Big on Bharat Market Aims to Transform Investment Habits


Nagpur : Upstox (also known as RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd), one of India’s leading investment platforms, has introduced revamped features on its app that will radically simplify investing for Indian investors. By reimagining the investor experience, Upstox seeks to make the investment process seamless, intuitive, and engaging. The new feature suite is based on the core insight that individuals want to invest but often get confused because of too many choices.

With a strong belief that India is growing and through equity participation one can benefit from India’s growth story, Upstox’s core campaign focuses around how one can invest in India. By introducing them to Index Funds – a way to track market’s performance, Upstox suggests a cost-effective, easy, and long term solution to beat inflation and grow their wealth.

To  further simplify the investing process, Upstox has taken on the mammoth task of evaluating hundreds of mutual fund schemes based on their risk and reward ratio and from those curated some of the top ones in each category. With this curated list of funds and expert analysis, the brand seeks to provide users with the best in-app experience for investments in mutual funds. The brand is also offering information and research, enabling an investor to make well-informed decisions.

Upstox has over 1 crore customer base, and Maharashtra contributes to almost 20% of the portfolio. Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Nashik and Nagpur lead in terms of participation when it comes to Maharashtra. Nagpur’s diverse customer base includes businessmen, government employees and housewives. Nearly 75% of the clients in Maharashtra fall in the age bracket of 18-35.

Amit Lalan, Director, Upstox said, “Our efforts in creating awareness of financial investments are being well received from all over the country, and I am grateful for that. We are positive that our core vision of driving a culture of diverse financial investing, will help us reach for newer horizons, and make us a partner of choice for our customers. We are committed to improving equity participation in India, one customer at a time.”

Upstox’s vision is to make investing simple, affordable and accessible for everyone. The intention is to transform the way customers invest, making it intuitive and hassle-free.

The company’s diverse customer base highlights its efforts to foster an investing culture across India by offering an easy-to-use, equitable and affordable platform. As the official sponsor of the 2023 World Cup, Upstox introduced the overarching campaign called ‘Invest Right, Invest Now,‘ which is aimed at motivating individuals to initiate their stock market investments. Within this initiative, Upstox also introduced a social media campaign called “Khaata Khola Kya?” to gently nudge users to start their investment journey during the World Cup period. The objective is to inspire more Indians to make informed investment decisions through Upstox, based on the central understanding that people want to invest but often feel daunted by the array of investment choices available.

Alongside this, Upstox also aims to educate Indians on the simple Truths of Investing. For instance, if one starts an SIP of just ₹5000 which gives 12.5% return and stays invested for 25 years in the markets, their money has the potential to grow to a crore, showcasing the power of compounding. Just like this, Upstox provides other eye-opening truths that are simple to follow.

With each truth, they offer actionable steps to help users succeed. Throughout the campaign Upstox is conducting a series of online and offline learning sessions on Mutual Funds, Technical Analysis, Option Trading and more. With this, Upstox aims to provide individuals with  a holistic, 360-degree approach to investing enabling them to learn, decide, invest and trade, all with Upstox.

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