Sandipani School harassing parents for fees

Sandipani school

Nagpur: In yet another dimming incident of avarice school harassing gullible parents in lieu of future of their ward, Sandipani School administration is reportedly seeking full payment of past curriculum despite school’s assurance of some relief owing to online teachings.

A group of parents on the condition of anonymity narrated their ordeal to Nagpur Today. They claimed that the Sandipani school administration not only threatened to jeopardize the future of their children by not promoting them but also behaved rudely with the parents as they were unable to pay school fees.

“The Covid time has already been tough for all. The pandemic not only attributed to crash crunches and job loss in front of us but also took a toll on the future of our children. Owing to the drastic time, the schools were shifted to online mode. As there were no physical classes, the Sandipani School administration had promised us some relief in fees during the pandemic time. However, recently, as the Covid curve declined the physical classes resumed. But the school administration is now seeking complete fees,” parents have alleged.

“They are asking us to pay complete fees or withdraw our ward’s admission from the school. It’s not like we are not willing to pay the fees. All we are asking for some time, but the school administration is being rudely behaving with us,” they said.

On being contacted, no one from Sandipani School was available for the comments.