Rally for Encouraging Voting

Nagpur : As the nation is gearing up for the Lok Sabha elections 2019 and political parties are busy in campaigning, the students of Zulekha College of Commerce, Science and Technology have taken up an initiative to create voter awareness.

Around 50 students and teachers participated in a rally to create awareness on elections and voting rights on Wednesday.

This year, the Election Commission has put forth a theme – Inclusive and Qualitative Participation. Through such awareness initiative, the aim was to create awareness among young voters and enable them to participate in the voting process with enthusiasm.

Majority of the students in the rally came up with the slogans to encourage people to vote in elections which captured the attention of the onlookers and also some students raised slogans like ‘Slogans such as “Sab logo ki yehi pukaar, vote dena hai hamara adhikaar”, “Vote for nation”, “Budhe ho ya jawan, sabhi kare matdaan”, “Voting is not only our right but it is our power”, etc.
Student volunteers of NSS units of the college were the backbone of the socio-academic venture.

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