Admissions of Moderate cases with prior booking between 9am to 6pm. No walk-in Patients-TEAM OCHRI

Shri Uday Bhaskar Nair, Chairman – Orange City Hospital & Research Institute (a unit of Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited) responded to call of Nagpur Government authorities led by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar- Nagpur Divisional Commissioner, Shri.Tukaram Munde- Nagpur Municipal Commissioner and Shri.Ravindra Thakre- Nagpur District Collector to support the Government for tackling the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. Thus OCHRI has successfully opened a Dedicated Covid Healthcare Center (DCHC) facility to serve COVID positive patients with mild to moderate symptoms. Mr. Nair’s effervescent motivation mobilized the entire OCHRI fraternity to overcome any fears and accordingly Dr. Usha Nair- RNHPL Director swiftly put in place the required measures extending committed healthcare services.

This DCHC approved by Nagpur Municipal Corporation has been housed in totally segregated OCHRI Building B with separate entrance. It accommodates CCU beds with centralized Oxygen and suction facility.

Dr. Nandu Kolwadkar leads the Specialist team of Dr. Sameer Choudhary, Dr. Santosh Dhole, Dr. Ravindra S. And Dr. M. Sushant to attend the admitted patients. Dr. Milind Pande – Pathologist and Dr. Nishikant Lokhande – Radiologist are heading the diagnostic units. 2 ENT Surgeons, 1 Intensivist, 1 Physician and 1 Chest Physician encompass OCHRI Specialist team. Round the clock senior Resident Medical Officers and Nurses have been made available.

On this occasion, Dr. Nandu Kolwadkar-OCHRI COVID Unit Specialist Incharge who inaugurated the unit in a traditional manner stated that OCHRI management is doing its best to set a benchmark in a novel manner to improve the wellness quotient of the patients admitted in this new division.

Dr. Anup Marar-OCHRI Director stated that the specialist team considering the DCHC boundaries, will confirm the status of patient prior to admission after perusing the clinical reports to justify rightful admission and thus reserves the right of admission in the patient’s best interest. Admission in OCHRI DCHC, subject to availability of beds will be undertaken between 9am to 6pm only, he added.

Dr. Sameer Choudhary- ENT Specialist also reassured all OCHRI regular patients that Non COVID Patient Care in OCHRI as per routine will continue in OCHRI Building A & C through separate entrance and dedicated manpower.

For bed booking and seeking guidance related to admission of COVID positive patients with mild to moderate symptoms at OCHRI DCHC housed in dedicated Building B.

Shri.Sunil Sure, Dr. Deepak Dongre, Sr.Jessy Abraham, Smt.Priya Sashi, Sr.Rahel Patrange, Dr.Sajan Nair, Shri.Sawant Waghmare, Shri.Avinash Ganar, Shri.Madhukar Chanore, Shri.Pranay Ramakrishnan, Shri.Neeraj Patil, Shri.Naresh Tiwari, Shri.Anwar and Shri.Anup Saxena are leading respective teams to ensure smooth working of this unit befitting OCHRI standards.

Smt.Saramma Samuel-OCHRI HR Incharge further stated that Vehicle parking for OCHRI Doctors/ Staff, Non Covid patients and their relatives reaching OCHRI Non Covid Buildings A & C has been arranged courtesy office of Nagpur Divisional Commissioner in Grounds of Jupiter High School across road with due thanks to Gurudas Shikshan Sanstha School Management. All to note.