No Need To Give Driving Test For Driving Licence

No Need To Give Driving Test For Driving Licence | Our Nagpur
No Need To Give Driving Test For Driving Licence | Our Nagpur

The rules for obtaining a driving licence have been made quite simple by the central government. Now you will no longer need to visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and wait in lines to obtain a driver’s licence.

According to new rules, one will no longer have to take any type of driving test by going to the RTO.

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced these guidelines, and they are now in effect. It is a great sense of relief as you will no longer be on the RTO’s waiting list for a driving licence.

Driving School and Training

You will no longer need to wait for the test at the RTO in order to obtain a driving licence as any reputable driving training institution will allow you to register for a licence. The applicants will receive a certificate from the school if they complete the required training and pass the test there. The applicant’s driver’s licence will be issued based on this certificate.


  • A minimum of one acre of land must be available for training facilities for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and light motor vehicles, while two acres are needed for centres for medium and heavy passenger cargo vehicles or trailers.
  • Trainers should have at least a 12th-grade diploma, at least five years of driving experience, and a solid understanding of traffic regulations.
  • A teaching curriculum has also been recommended by the government. The course for operating light motor vehicles will last a maximum of 4 weeks and up to 29 hours. These driving schools will have a two-part curriculum.
  • For 21 hours, people must learn to drive on basic roads, rural roads, highways, city roads, parking, reversing, and uphill and downhill driving, among other things. The theoretical portion of the course will last for 8 hours and cover topics such as road etiquette, road rage, traffic education, understanding the causes of accidents, first aid, and fuel efficiency while driving.