New feature of Twitter will users play Youtube videos within the app.

New feature of Twitter

The micro-blogging social media giant Twitter is in the works to introduce a new feature on the platform which will allow its users to watch YouTube videos without leaving the Twitter app.
The social media maniacs who are regular users of Twitter have their special interactions with various texts, images, GIFs, and videos. All are easily viewable on the platform itself, but the case is different with the tweets that have YouTube video links attached to them.
For the YouTube videos, one has to click the link and go watch them on YouTube. Taking that into consideration, the Facebook-owned company is now testing the ability for its users to watch YouTube videos without leaving the Twitter app.

According to The Verge, Twitter confirmed the test was happening via its Twitter Support account, with the test being limited to iOS for now. What this means is that tweets that contain YouTube videos will be able to be played within the tweet itself, kind of like if the users were to upload a video directly to Twitter.
It was also confirmed to The Verge that the test will only run for four weeks and is limited to a very small group of users spread across, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the US.
After the four-week test, Twitter intends to “look at the results and will scale accordingly,” which could mean a lot more extensive test on iOS, or playing out a comparable test on Android before a more extensive rollout.