Nagpur : NMC starts reclaiming Bhandewadi land

आयुक्त तुकाराम मुंढे

Nagpur : Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has started reclaiming its land sans solid waste, through bio-mining. Now the two acre land near to Symbiosis University is being reclaimed by NMC. The work began in June and expected to take two more months, claimed NMC. When the work began there was 10 lakh MT garbage at Bhandewadi awaiting its disposal. Hanjer Bio-tech discontinued the work of garbage disposal since then it remained as it was.

When the concept of dumping yard came, the volume of garbage was less and the capacity of disposing off it through processing in incinerator was around 800 ton. It was more than the actual collection. Later on, the garbage collection reached to 1100 ton per day. But the capacity of incinerator remained the same–800 ton.

It means that everyday 200 ton garbage got dumped without being processed. The garbage of that much amount accumulated on the ground. Hanjer Bio-tech was doing the work of disposing off the garbage. They were suppose to generate biproduct out of the garbage, sell it and earn money. After Hanjer left, NMC came up with Biomining project to be done by Zigma Global Environ Solutions Private Limited. Earlier, it was on at snail’s pace. Now the project has taken momentum.

Abhijeet Bangar, Municipal Commissioner had promised that the reclaiming of land would begin in June. It was brought to his notice. He said, “It was true we were supposed to reclaim the land. But the problem is of the volume of garbage. Secondly, they are doing bio-mining work on the land where garbage is lying. Now they have kept windrows on the land.

Once they would remove the windrows, we can reclaim the land. It is just a formality.” According to one environmentalist, the garbage, a mixture of solid and liquid waste is not being disposed of. It should have been processed with the help of incinerator till now. People in Nagpur and around the dumping yard are facing lot of problems. But who cares, asked this environmentalist.

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