“I don’t work out for abs”, says Nikhil Khurana as he reveals his fitness secrets

• What does fitness mean to you?
Fitness for me is a way of life. I make sure to exercise every day. I don’t like going to the gym these days as I feel wherever you are, you can work out there itself. So, I do Calisthenics these days and I also have a chin-up bar on the set.

• What is your fitness mantra?
The fitness mantra I abide by is, maintain regularity in your workout and eat right. I don’t work out for abs; I do it to remain healthy.

• How do you keep a healthy balance between your mind and body?
I try to keep a healthy balance between my mind and body by introspecting about life, I keep my mind calm and I believe that if your mind is calm, that reflects on your body too. A calm mind ensures a healthy body and keeps you away from illness.

• Following your demanding and hectic routine, how do you manage to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle?
I have a chin-up bar on the set of Jijaji Chhat Per Hain. So, whenever I get time on the set, I start doing pull-ups or I go for a run since I usually don’t have the time to go to the gym. I am currently trying to improve my consistency in my workout routine.

• What kind of music do you like listening to while you work out?
It depends on my mood but usually, I prefer high energy music as it keeps me going during any work out that I do.

• That one thing you don’t miss on a cheat day?
I can’t resist anything sweet. I love sweets.

• Any fitness tips for your admirers?
I would say, workout for at least an hour, whether it is yoga, gym or Calisthenics and make sure you eat well. So, stay fit and enjoy your life.