Famous Street Food In Nagpur

Nagpur is famous for spicy food and Patodi and Kadhi gives you lot of spices

Famous Food biryani
Famous Food biryani

Famous Food In Nagpur

Tarri poha

This is the archetypal Nagpuri breakfast but you can savour a plate of delicious poha (a spicy pilaf of sorts made with soaked flattened rice) with spicy curried black gram or chickpeas, with the tarri on the side, anytime of the day.The Famous food in Nagpur tarri on the poha, topping it up with finely chopped onions and finishing with a squeeze of lime. If you want to sample one the best renditions of the dish, head to Deo Nagar to sample the legendary Keshav poha tarri (they open for an hour and a half around six in the morning) or head to Rupam Sakhare’s stall in Kasturchand Park; his aloo poha topped with spicy tarri will blow your mind.

Famous Food Poha

Biryani at Babbu’s Biryani Centre, Sadar Lines

The Biryani of Babbu Biryani’s Centre is the most delicious Biryani you will eat ever. If you ever come to Nagpur, must try the Biryani as its very essential food of Nagpur. To all the Foodies, all must try the Biryani of Nagpur and you will become FAN of it!


When it comes to Nagpur’s favourite street snack the samosa is likely to feature right at the top. Samosas, of course, are ubiquitous in this country but try the Nagpuri samosa especially for the delicious assortment of condiments that typically accompany the humble potato-stuffed fried pastry.  At Priti Corner in Shankar Nagar Square, the samosa is a veritable crowd-puller and has often been dubbed as the best in city. Or try the Chhola Samosa at Samosawala near Nagpur’s famous Bada Hanuman temp

Famous Food Samosa

Patodi and Kadhi at Patodiwala’s Joint

A famous Maharashtrian Besan Sabzi served with red spicy gravy. Nagpur is famous for spicy food and Patodi and Kadhi gives you lot of spices. It’s eaten with Roti, Naan or Bhakri. If you never tried this before then we assure you that you will gonna love it. If you like to eat Spicy Sabzi then Patodi is made for you. Patodiwala’s Joint is the most famous place to try the Patodi. If coming to Nagpur, add this to your list!

Famous Food Patodi

Pani Puri at Bombay Chaat Centre

Going to Nagpur? Get ready to eat the yummiest Pani Puri in the city. You will get one of the finest Pani Puri’s in Nagpur at cheap prices. Bombay Chaat Centre is the best place to try the Pani Puri’s. Even they are good in other items like Sevpuri and Pav Bhaji. If you are planning to visit to Nagpur then must try the Pani Puri’s at least as you will get Pani Puri’s like Nagpur anywhere else!

Famous Food Pani Puri at Bombay Chaat Centre

Jalebi at Haryana Special Jalebi, Dobi Naga

After trying all the spicy food of Nagpur it’s the time to have the dessert and nothing is better than Jalebi!!! You will get best Jalebi’s of Nagpur at Haryana Special Jalebi. They have affordable price and best part is that they serve you the hottest Jalebi’s. You just can’t miss this Jalebi’s. If you are planning to visit to Nagpur, then you must try the Delicious and Mouth-watering Jalebi’s!