Delicious food to taste in Nagpur


Delicious food to taste in Nagpur popular for essence and richness of spices that are included in the food

When it comes to food that could be enjoyed in Nagpur, the cuisine of Vidarbha region is called as Saoji cuisine or Varhadi cuisine. Saoji cuisine was the main food included in the culture of Savji community. Delicious food to taste in Nagpur.  The traditional food of Nagpur is popular for essence and richness of spices that are included in the food. These spices that are used in gravy of the cuisine of this region are cloves, cardamom, poppy seeds, black pepper, bay leaves, and ground seeds of coriander

Pohe Pohe is a tasty snack that is made from flattened or puffed rice and is mainly served with tea or for breakfast. It has many variations such as Kanda Pohe, which are prepared with Pohe mixed with onions. Other variants include Batata (potato) Pohe, Dadpe pohe, etc. The dish is usually garnished with different ingredients such as coriander, grated coconut, sev or peanuts.

Delicious food to taste in Nagpur

Ramji-Shyamji Pohewala is one of the finest places to try the Poha’s. Poha’s are available in Nagpur just as Vada Pav in Mumbai. If you are visiting for the first time to the Nagpur, then you will become fan of amazing Poha’s.

Pani Puri at Bombay Chaat Centre, Pratap Nagar
Going to Nagpur? Get ready to eat the yummiest Pani Puri in the city. You will get one of the finest Pani Puri’s in Nagpur at cheap prices. Bombay Chaat Centre is the best place to try the Pani Puri’s. Even they are good in other items like Sevpuri and Pav Bhaji. If you are planning to visit to Nagpur then must try the Pani Puri’s at least as you will get Pani Puri’s like Nagpur anywhere else!

Delicious food to taste in Nagpur

Jalebi at Haryana Special Jalebi, Dobi Nagar
After trying all the spicy food of Nagpur it’s the time to have the dessert and nothing is better than Jalebi!!! You will get best Jalebi’s of Nagpur at Haryana Special Jalebi. They have affordable price and best part is that they serve you the hottest Jalebi’s. You just can’t miss this Jalebi’s. If you are planning to visit to Nagpur, then you must try the Delicious and Mouth-watering Jalebi’s!

 Saoji spicy chicken
Spicy chicken is a very popular dishDelicious food to taste in Nagpur among the people of the city who love Non-vegetarian food. The chicken is first steam cooked, and then, is marinated with very intense spices, and then, this marinated chicken is deep fired. The dish is so spicy that it may roll out some tears out of your eyes, but you will still love it and will try it again and again.

The mouth-watering pakodas and samosas here are served along with imli chatni and dahi. Keeping the Jain customers in mind, all the dishes here are prepared without onion and garlic. One of the oldest joints, the taste of the dishes here has been consistent over the decades. Families throng Here in abundance to savour the taste of the pakodas and samosas.

Sweet Something
You cannot leave the Orange City without savouring the Santra Barfi (Orange fudge). Several sweet shops in the city including Haldiram’s dole out the special orange barfi but one place that stands out is Shree Heera Sweets in Itwari. Those in the know also pick up a box of their son rolls (son papdi).

Delicious food to taste in Nagpur

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