Famous Religious Places In Nagpur And Near Nagpur


Famous Religious Places In Nagpur

Shree Ganesh Mandir Tekdi

One of the Famous Religious Places In Nagpur Since it’s Ganeshotsav and lord Ganesha is being celebrated all throughout the city, here’s a quick walk down history lane regarding the history of one of Nagpur’s most-frequented Ganesh mandirs – the Ganesh Mandir Tekdi. Did you know that it is called ‘tekdi’ because of its location? Since you need to walk up a hill to approach the temple and since tekdi means hill in Marathi, thus the temple derives its present name.

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur-ganesh-mandir

Deeksha Bhoomi

Deekshabhoomi is in Nagpur Famous Religious Places In Nagpur, Maharashtra, a location regarded as a pilgrimage center of Buddhism in India. Millions of pilgrims visit Deekshabhoomi every year, especially on Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din (“Mass Conversion Ceremony Day”) and 14 October, the memorial day when Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism here. Ambedkar’s final religious act was to embrace Buddhism. Today, the largest stupa in Asia is erected in his memory at the site

 Famous Religious Places In Nagpur


Ramtek Temple

Ramtek has got Historic temple of lord Rama Famous Religious Places In Nagpur. It is believed that Ramtek was the place where Rama,Lord Rama was distressed to hear about this, and took a vow to relieve the world from the demons. ‘Tek’ means vow in local language, hence the word Ramtek comes from ‘Vow of Ram’.The present temple is believed to have been built by the King of Nagpur, Raghuji Bhonsale, after his victory over fort of Deogarh in Chindwara. The present temple is 400 years old.

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur


Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan, the founder of the Swaminarayan Sampraday, established temples, known as mandirs (Devnagari: स्वामीनारायण मन्दिर), as part of his philosophy of theism and deity worship. These mandirs are known as Swaminarayan Hindu temples.One of the most prominent features of the heritage of Swaminarayan is temple architecture. The images in the temples built by Swaminarayan are the evidence of the priority of Krishna.

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur

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Adasa Ganpati Temple

Adasa, a small village about 45 kms from Nagpur on Saoner- Kalmeshwar road is famous for the ancient temple complex situated on a hillock close to the village. It is the site of several prehistoric temples including the popular (Shami-Vighnesh) Ganesh temple that attracts numerous pilgrims. Considered to be more than 4,000 years old, these ancient temples draw big crowds on religious occasions.The temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is built in Hemadpanti style with a Ganesh statue standing 12 feet tall and 7 feet wide, made out of a single stone.

Koradi Temple

The Temple of Devi of Koradi – Shri Mahalaxmi Jagadamba – is considered as one of the Shakti-peeths. It has a great history and lakhs of devotees visit the temple every year. Shri Mahalaxmi is also honoured as ‘Jakhapurvasini’ – the divine shakti which resides in Jakhapur (the historical name of the place). Located on the banks of Koradi lake, the temple is at a distance of around 15 kilometres from Nagpur (northern side). There are many interesting stories of belief and real life experiences of devotees.

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur

Dragon Palace Temple

One of the finest examples of superb architecture and scenic landscape, the Dragon Palace Temple is a Buddhist temple and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nagpur. Situated in Kamptee, Nagpur district, the temple is about 20kms from Nagpur city, on the Nagpur –Jabalpur road and is considered as a landmark of Indo-Japan friendship as Madam Noriko Ogawa from Ogawa Society Japan financially contributed in the construction of this beautiful piece of architecture.

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur


a very big one of the Famous Religious Places In Nagpur , well managed & famous Hindu Religious Temple of god RAM and SHIVA, situated in Central India i.e. at Nagpur City, is today described as the proud of Nagpur City. This temple was constructed in the year 1923 by Late Shri Jamnadhar Poddar, related to the famous Poddar Family of Bisau (Rajasthan) in India. People from all over India are coming to visit this temple. It is so said that any person who visits this temple, definitely gets the peace of mind. The temple is well managed by an board of Trustees, headed by its Managing Trustee, an famous social & religious worker from Nagpur City.

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur

All Saints’ Cathedral

All Saints’ Cathedral is known for its ornate altar and space and chapel for the congregation;its magnificent avenue of century old trees; its tradition of choral music, the magnificent pipes of the last pipe organ in Vidarbha. It is also the only CNI church in Vidarbha with an English language service and Mission work in Vidarbha.Its More than a 100 years old and still stands tall in all its glory in the heart of the city of Nagpur

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is a mosque in Mominpura, Nagpur. It has a dome in its center and four minarets. It has a garden in front to the north and a vehicle parking area to the south.There is a beautiful garden within the premises towards the northern direction.

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur

Hari Hara Dharmasastha Temple, Besa, Nagpur

This temple is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa – the presiding deity of Sabarimala temple in Kerala. The word Ayyappa is derived from two words Ayya meaning Vishnu and Appa meaning Shiva. The temple is open to all irrespective of his or her religion, caste, creed or colour of the skin.

Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar of Nagpur is located about 5kms north from the city center. After the partition of India during 1947-48, some scattered Sikh people from Pakistan settled in different parts of Nagpur.On the request of the residents of Guru Nanak Pura for constructing a Gurdwara for prayer

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur


Saint Francis de Sales Cathedral (SFS Church )

St. Francis De Sales Cathedral about has completed 125 years of Existence. During this long period of time, it has been the spiritual home for you and the thousands who came from Birth till death for their Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Holy Orders, Matrimony and  final departure from this earth.

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur


Sri Balaji-Karthikeyan temple

Tamilians living in Modhibag Railway colony in Nagpur installed a Vel, the weapon of Lord Muruga and built a small temple. Due to land problem, the temple was built in a higher level place called Seminary hills. Local saits helped in the project. The idols of Lord Muruga, Valli and Deivanai were brought from Tamilnadu and installed in the temple.

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur

Hazrat Tajuddin Baba Dargah

One of the most Famous Religious Places In Nagpur Hazrat Tajuddin Baba Dargah, Baba was born in Madras and later Baba moved to Kamthi. Baba’s father died when Baba’s mother was pregnant. His father’s name was Syedna Moulana Badruddin.Hazrat Moulana Syed Abdullah Shah Sahib who was a Majzoob Salik saint from Qadri Sufi order commented (about Baba) to his teacher that “There is no need of teaching this boy, he is already a learned person”. He also gave young Tajuddin Baba some dried fruits and nuts as his blessings for Baba, which is said to put the young boy into an ongoing spiritual trance like state. Baba completed his education and studied Urdu, English, Arabic and Persian.

Famous Religious Places In Nagpur



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