Count Down Start For Rajya Sabha Poll

Count Down Start For Rajya Sabha Poll | Our Nagpur
Count Down Start For Rajya Sabha Poll | Our Nagpur

Two days to go for the biennial polls of Rajya Sabha, the count down in Maharashtra has begun for the big show between the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) and its arch rival now BJP as seven candidates are in the fray for six seats.The polling is slated for June 10 (Friday). The independents either with the ruling alliance or with the opposition ranks are increasing their nuisance value as they are in demand now and no group can afford to neglect them.Some solid assurances and promises, all what they need.

As expected the major parties have shifted their voters (MLAs) to posh hotels in South Mumbai which is a usual practice before the voting..They have been approached by the authorised persons to ensure the vote is guaranteed.Some are visible and some are behind the scene activities.

NCP leader and MP Supriya Sule had personally visited independent MLA Kishore Jorgewar in Chandrapur on Monday and discussed the issue. What transpired between the two is obvious. In Rajya Sabha poll, each vote is important and can decide the fate of the party and the contestants.

The AIMIM which looked ignored in the process amd also showed up and wants MVA leader to approach them for vote.Indeed the MVA was probably keeping cards close to hearts and some behind the scene activities must be going on but AIMIM inssted open commitment from the ruling alliance.Finally after news broke out, NCP leader Jayant Patil and other acknowledged that they will tak to AIMIM and seek support for MVA candidate. MVA was keeping under wraps but AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owasi is a seasons politician and wants open open commitment.

After spending three nights, beginning tonight (Tuesday), at Trident for MVA and Taj (BJP) the voter-MLAs will drive straight to the Vidhan Bhawan, the venue for voting on Friday.