10 Best Cafe Restaurants in Nagpur 2024


Nagpur, a city in Maharashtra, is well-known. It’s not just cultural richne¬≠ss, traditions, or proud history that makes it famous, but also its yummy food. The city’s local cuisine be¬≠comes a point of study when you delve¬≠ into its past. Food is necessary from a basic survival standpoint. Tasting Nagpur’s cuisine doe¬≠s two things. You enjoy delish food. You also learn about the¬≠ different components of the¬≠ meals and how they’re made¬≠.

Imagine walking the¬≠ streets of Nagpur and a coffee¬≠ scent fills the air. I’ve visite¬≠d a handful, always full of life. The charming yet compact cafe¬≠s are popular hang-outs for students and young professionals. In such an informal se¬≠tting, it’s perfect for work discussions or catching up with pals. Try their local grub, but don’t forge¬≠t to stop by these local haunts for their native¬≠ coffee brews and home¬≠-cooked meals. With a cozy seating space¬≠, fresh coffee, and gre¬≠at chats, these cafes unwrap the¬≠ recipe for fond recolle¬≠ctions!

Let’s go! Jump on a bus, hail an Ube¬≠r, catch a metro, or drive yourself. We¬≠’re about to explore the¬≠ outstanding top 12 cafes Nagpur City has to offer.


The Breakfast Story

Imagine dining at a friend’s house that’s The Breakfast Story, a charming spot located on a home’s lower level. Its vibe is warm, inviting, and familiar. It seems like the crowd could be close pals or relatives, filling roles, collaborating in the hustle. No stern, detached servers here more like they could live next door. Breaking from the ‘contemporary’ dining scene, it’s refreshing to have a peer explain the menu to you. It undeniably enriche¬≠s the entire experience.

Address: Sagar Apartment, D1-A Sai, 271, Hingna Rd, opp. Transmitting Station, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440036.


2 93/4 Central Perk Cafe

You’ll find Nine and Three Quarters Central Perk Cafe smack-dab in the middle of the city. Take it in, the modern decor, the welcoming atmosphere. This ain’t your regular dining spot. Take a culinary journey, Italy, Mexico, India they‚Äôve all got a place on the menu. Wine, beer, cocktails, this place has it all! Service? Stellar, thanks to a staff that’s all friendly faces and sharp insights. Call it romance, call it business, call it a fun night out, this place fits. Fast food or fine dining, Nine and Three Quarters Central Perk Cafe is where you want your taste buds to be.

Address: Science College, 31, Ambazari Rd, opposite Lane of Dharampeth, Ambazari, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010.


3 Villa 167 Café

Want a memorable meal? Try Villa 167! It’s a laid-back dining spot with a warm vibe. Their menu? A mixed bag of global delicacies. Small bites, greens, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, and main dishes, they’ve got it all. Plus, crafted beers, wines, and mixed drinks. The team? They’re all smiles and super helpful. Always stellar service. Whether it’s a simple lunch or a love-filled dinner, Villa 167 will hit your tasty spot just right.

Address: Priyadarshini girls’ hostel, Plot no.4, Hingna T point, Parsodi, Jalvihar Colony, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022.


4 Coffee Café Day

Caf√© Coffee Day is part of Coffee Day Global Limited. It’s a be¬≠loved spot in India for people to enjoy coffee and chat. Also known as CCD, our goal is to give the top experience to our guests. We get our coffee from a multitude of small coffee growers. These individuals helped shape us into the business we are now. We’re happy they’re part of our journey too. We set up our first caf√© in Bangalore, on Brigade Road in 1996. Right away, both the young and young at heart customers loved our caf√©. It remains one of the city’s most lively spots. For young patrons, CCD is a go-to place. Here they forge friendships, engage in conve¬≠rsations, and enjoy yummy, hot coffee. Since opening, we‚Äôve had an amazing ride becoming India’s biggest organized retail caf√© street.

Address: Inside Hotel Ashok, West High Court Road, Gokul Peth Nagpur.


5 Mocha Café

Mocha, started as our nation’s first truly home-grown coffee shop in 2001, is a special place in 12 cities with 14 locations. Not just for its menu, but for the different experiences it brought to Coffee culture. It was originally constructed in a corner of Church Gate, Mumbai. As it celebrates its 15th year, Mocha has made a significant impact on an entire generation’s perspective, driving social change. It is also a popular hangout spot. However, their staff seems to have little knowledge of non-alcoholic mocktails and cocktails. Their drink prices may be a bit steep. But the food compensates with its competitive taste compared to local food joints. Known for its pleasant environment, impressive d√©cor, aesthetic lighting, and unconventional design. Mocha’s unique dishes include Chicken Peri Peri Pizza, garlic noodles, grilled fish, peach iced tea, cappuccino, and the value-for-money Lebanese platter, making it a must-visit location.

Address: 202, Cement Road Shivaji Nagar, Dharam Peth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010.


6 Barista Café

You can get tasty drinks and snacks here, like coffee, cappuccinos, and frappe. They also serve yummy cheese garlic bread, and there’s a choice of quick bites too. The place has seating both inside and out. It’s comfy, clean, and perfect for work. The staff are nice and ready to help. You can opt for take out or delivery. They take digital or card payments, which is handy. The barista team organizes fun open mic events to uplift the city’s mood. There’s a good food variety. The spot’s ideal for laid-back meetups and late-night fun.

Address: 03, Ambazari Road Shankar Nagar square, Shankar Nagar, East Shankar Nagar, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010.


7 Toss Cafe & Retro

Think Toss for a nice e¬≠atery experie¬≠nce. It creatively pre¬≠pares global cuisines using fresh compone¬≠nts. It welcomes guests with cozy se¬≠ats and a carefree vibe¬≠. The cordial staff is dedicated to making your visit ple¬≠asant. The diverse me¬≠nu spans appetizers, main dishes, swe¬≠ets, and beverage¬≠s. Whether it’s a snack or a feast, Toss hits the¬≠ spot.

Address: Toss. Cafe & Resto, beside MedPlus, Shankar Nagar, East Shankar Nagar, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010.


8 Three Beans Coffee

This caf√© is a gem. Why so? Its e¬≠arly opening time sets it apart from othe¬≠r local caf√©s. Need a fun venue¬≠ for birthdays or gatherings? Look no further than 3 Beans Cafe¬≠. It’s quite special, with an enchanting ambie¬≠nce. Coffee options? The¬≠y’re limitless. And the price¬≠s? They’re fair, offering tasty food that is not ove¬≠rpriced. The service¬≠ is high quality, contributing to the special charm of this hidden je¬≠wel. It has undeniably contributed to the¬≠ city’s thriving coffee scene¬≠. Locations? Surprisingly, tucked in the city’s popular regions. The¬≠ir coffee? It’s top-notch, from the finest Indian roaste¬≠rs. And accompanying meals? They’re an absolute¬≠ delight. Whether indoors or outdoors, re¬≠laxation is guaranteed. Their drink list? It’s vast. Think e¬≠spressos, shakes, and more. Food varie¬≠ty? Broad, seasonal specials are a common occurre¬≠nce. This caf√© is a great social hub, whethe¬≠r you’re there with frie¬≠nds, drawing, or grabbing early morning food. Their fries are¬≠ noteworthy crispy and warm. Their sandwiches comple¬≠te the expe¬≠rience. It’s definite¬≠ly worth a visit!

Address: Plot no 5/19, JB Thakkar Marg, Janki Apartment, Gorepeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010.

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9 Collective Blends Café

Collective Blends Coffe¬≠e! This chilled-out eate¬≠ry brings you an assortment of coffee and te¬≠a treats alongside yummy bites. A snug e¬≠nvironment, complete with snug se¬≠ats, ensures a laid back atmosphere¬≠. It’s not just the soothing ambiance that’ll grab you the menu boasts an array of artisan coffees, teas, and a se¬≠lection of nibbles like pastrie¬≠s, sandwiches, and salads. Our amiable staff, well ve¬≠rsed with the menu, will e¬≠nsure your experie¬≠nce is to remembe¬≠r. The prices? They’re¬≠ pretty fair too. So, whether it’s a swift caffe¬≠ine boost or a slow, relaxed me¬≠al you’re after, Collective¬≠ Blends Coffee is your go-to for a savory and re¬≠stful time.

Address: 23B, opposite Hare Krishna Enclave, Om Sai Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010.


10 The Common Ground

Looking for something spe¬≠cific? No worries! They can accommodate spe¬≠cial requests and eve¬≠n handle large eve¬≠nts or parties. Step into this cozy restaurant that cate¬≠rs to everyone, including kids. The¬≠y serves a range of de¬≠lectable dishes, including halal and vegetarian options. Want to enjoy the we¬≠ather? There’s outdoor se¬≠ating. Need food for an eve¬≠nt? They cater. For those with mobility ne¬≠eds, there’s acce¬≠ssible parking and seating. Their me¬≠nu? It’s got a lot to choose from.

Don’t miss out on their unique dishes, like the ulta vada pav, Saoji wings, and thecha bombs! People love their lattes, they’re outstanding. They’re the only place combining Indian fusion cuisine with Corridor Seven roasters’ coffee. Give it a shot! It’s perfect for any occasion, be it a date, a birthday, chill time with friends, or even cricket viewing. The cafe’s seating area is impressive. There’s even a dedicated area for box cricket fans. The food gets rave reviews, and the generous portions are an added advantage.

Address: Coffee Bar, Chowk, Central Bazar Road, Shankar Nagar, East Shankar Nagar, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010.

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