Commercial LPG price decreases by the amount of Rs 198

Commercial LPG
Commercial LPG price decreases by the amount of Rs 198

The cost of a 19kg LPG cylinder from Delhi has been reduced by 198 rupees on July 1, 1st, Friday the state-owned retailers announced in a statement on the same day.

The cost of LPG Cylinder has dropped by 182 rupees in Kolkata. However it’s dropped by about 190.50 for Mumbai and by Rs 182 in Chennai. Indian Oil, a petroleum Indian Oil, a company Indian Oil has also reduced the cost of commercial LPG cylinders. Customers of domestic LPG Cylinders have not seen any relief. An 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder hasn’t become less expensive. In fact, it’s priced the same at the time of this writing on 19 May.

This is following an increase in commercial cylinder costs in the month of June. The price was earlier reduced by Rs 135 starting on June 1. As mentioned previously the price of the 14.2-kg cooker cylinder for domestic use been unchanged. Domestic consumers of LPG cylinders, on contrary were struck two times in the month of May. The cost of domestic cylinders increased by 50 Rs per liter one time, on the 7th of May. The 19th of May, the cost of the domestic LPG cylinders had increased.

The cost of a domestic LPG cylinder was increased to the price of Rs 1,003 in Delhi in the month of October – this was the second increase in a row within a single month. The rising prices of crude oil around the world caused state-owned fuel retailers to increase LPG prices. In the past month, the cost of cooking gas have increased as much as up to Rs 53.50 per cylinder. This was then over $1,000 in the majority of cities across the nation.

In the meantime, fuel prices in India remain constant for more than an entire month. The 1st of July saw the prices for diesel and petrol remain constant, bringing some relief to the citizens. A slight fluctuation in the cost of fuel could be a major impact on the lives of everyday people and society in general. Union Finance Minister Nirmala S. Sitharaman announced an increase in the Excise Duty on fuel on the 21st of May following which prices for diesel and petrol fell significantly. The price of petrol was cut by 8 rupees per litre. The cost of diesel was cut by 6 rupees per litre.

On June 30th, Delhi is selling petrol at prices of 96.72 per litre, and diesel at a cost of the equivalent of 89.62 for a liter. In contrast, Mumbai is providing petrol at prices of 111.35 for a litre. Diesel prices in Mumbai is currently 97.28 for a litre. In Kolkata the price for petrol is currently at 106.03 per litre, and the diesel price is Rs 92.76 per litre. However the residents of Chennai are required to pay 102.63 for a tank of gasoline and 94.24 each litre of diesel.

The government last month announced that it will provide a limited subsidies on cook gas LPG for just 9 crore women who are poor and other beneficiaries who received no-cost connections through the Ujjwala scheme. The remaining household users will be charged an amount that is market. The Oil Secretary Pankaj Jain at a news briefing, said that there is no subsidy provided for cooking gas since June 2020. The only subsidy available is that announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman declared on the 21st of March.

Sitharaman, while announcing the reduction in excise duty on gasoline by record amount of Rs 8 per litre, and for diesel, by Rs 6. declared it was the case that Ujjwala recipients of the scheme will receive an amount of 200 rupees per cylinder for 12 bottles per year, to reduce some of the burdens resulting from the rising prices of cooking gas to the highest levels.