CNG price hiked again after 13 days, to cost Rs 115/kg

CNG price
CNG price

Nagpur: The price of eco-friendly compressed natural cas (CNG) was increased by Rs3.50 on Monday, taking the cost to Rs115/kg in Nagpur.

Last time the hike was effected on April 5 taking the CNG cost to Rs111.50/kg after a Rs1.50/kg increase.

In Nagpur, CNG price has surpassed diesel rate in 2021 itself and is now costing close to petrol which is being sold above Rs120 per litre.

Sources said the revision has been done due to shortage of liquefied natural gas in the international market. Because of frequent fuel price hikes, the transportation cost has also gone up. The only CNG dealer in the city — Rawmatt Industries — is facing severe crisis as the firm transports LNG from Gujarat and then converts it into CNG.

“Increased transportation cost and hike in natural gas price are the reasons for the hike in CNG cost in the city,” said an official from Rawmatt.
As on April 18, petrol was costing Rs121.30 per litre in Nagpur and diesel Rs105.64 per litre.