Blenders Pride Fashion Nights arrives in Nagpur

Blenders Pride Fashion Nights

Nagpur: Blenders Pride Fashion Nights, a unique traveling experiential property, arrived in the Orange City – Nagpur – celebrating the authentic spirit of the city through fashion and style. A spirit that echoes with Pride and inspires the creators of today to become icons of tomorrow. ‘Made of Nagpuri Zest’ edition for Blenders Pride Fashion Nights, brought together an eclectic evening that blended fashion, culture, and music, celebrating the zesty spirit of Nagpur.

Bringing the city’s vibrant hues to life through a curated evening at the majestic Radisson, Nagpur was designer Nikita Mhaisalkar. She showcased her signature bohemian prints and unique mosaics through intricately crafted ensembles that drew inspiration from the confluence of many cultures in the city. In a true celebration of Nagpur’s distinct and masterful craftsmanship, the show was elevated with captivating beats by percussion artist Mudra Kumar and the city’s very own DJ Tanishq – who together left the audience spellbound through a power-packed live performance. The show drew to a finale with none other than actor Neha Sharma, who captivated the audience in a beautiful ensemble by the designer. The ‘Made of Nagpuri Zest’ edition of Blenders Pride Fashion Nights was a true celebration of the city’s heritage blended with its vibrant modernism.

The ‘Made of Nagpuri Zest’ edition for Blenders Pride Fashion Nights celebrates the city’s historical and cultural heritage – its lush, bounteous harvest of flaming tangerines and terracotta browns – all of which play muse to designer Nikita Mhaisalkar. The collection featured vintage graphic mosaics that narrate the enriching history of art, architecture, and design of Nagpur city. The evening was attended by the city’s A-listers & influencers. The fashion walk truly left the guests mesmerized & engaged.

Through this unique showcase of Pride encompassing diverse talent across creative fields, Blenders Pride Fashion Nights 2022, encourages everyone, especially youth at large to celebrate & take pride in their authentic and individual journeys. The evening spotlighted individuals who take pride in their choices, are comfortable in their skin and, most importantly, embrace their authentic selves – truly living a life that is ‘Made of Pride’.

Talking about her curation, designer Nikita Mhaisalkar said, “My heart swells with Pride as I represent my city of Nagpur at the “Made of Nagpuri Zest’ edition of Blenders Pride Fashion Nights. It’s such an inspiring platform for the youth to embrace their passion and celebrate their authenticity. I have always been passionate about experimenting with newer ideas. It is what channelizes my creativity and drives me to keep evolving my craft.”

On her association with Blenders Pride Fashion Nights, actor Neha Sharma said, “Nagpur represents a vibrant amalgamation of different cultures brewing across the country. Today, Nikita Mhaisalkar’s designs shine the spotlight on this vibrant spirit, and I am thrilled to be walking the ramp for this celebration of the city at Blenders Pride Fashion Nights.”

On their association with Blenders Pride Fashion Nights, Mudra Kumar and DJ Tanishq said, “Nagpur has a rich heritage of music, both classical and modern, and has inspired us along our musical journeys. We are thrilled to bring forth our music and our expression of Pride at Blenders Pride Fashion Nights, a platform that celebrates the creativity and culture of local artists.”