Auspicious Moment For Short Film “Amaira”, Film Includes Actors From Vidarbha

Amaira Marathi Movie
Amaira Marathi Movie

Nagpur: Renowned person from Nagpur, Paresh D. Jatve has been working in journalism for quite some time, through this, he has had to meet the artists many times. Because of his association with the film industry for a long time, he got interested in working in this industry. After working at a lot of places, he came to know that the artists from Vidarbha always remain behind despite being talented. Keeping this thinking in mind, Paresh started the company called Talent Factree Entertainment  for the artists working in every art field of Nagpur. In order to prepare them for dance, singing, and modeling in Pardi area in Nagpur. A lot of students are being crafted in a factory academy.

Recently, the Amaira film was produced by Talent Factree Entertainment  and Capture World Productions, which is the production house of Kunal Lakhotiaji. The artists were selected from different areas of Vidarbha. Amaira is the horror story of five friends, the author of the story is Abhishek Naidu, and the film’s concept Rahul Kolte has taken over.

Amaira as the main artist in the film, which has been portrayed by Ayushi Kale of Nagpur, as well as her four friends, namely Shayna (Roshni Rathod, Amravati), Priya (Honey Udke, Tumsar), Rocky (Nitin Maraskole, Nagpur) , Jai (Karthik Bhoyar, Nagpur), and the character of the Witch (Kalyani Sonasare, Kuhi). One of the main attraction of the film is, Srinivas Pokale, child artist of the Marathi film ‘Naal‘. Who played the role of Amaira’s brother.

Many child actors also participate in the film. They are as Yash Ahio, Sholk Gotmare, Anushka Moon, Russell Hadke, Subhan Hussain, Zeeshan Sheikh, and Ananya Padhye. In the film, Swapnil Bhongde, Gajanan Dhakulkar, Prashant Dhomane, and Ezaz Khan works as fellow artists. The film’s production team also involved Vikram Gawande, Mahi Singh, Mayur Jadhav, Akshay, and Rahul.

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