Yello : New Experiment With Eggs for Nagpur Eggs lover’s

Yello New Experiment With Eggs for Nagpur

Yello New Experiment With Eggs for Nagpur

Yello in Pratap Nagar is very popular amongst the people of Nagpur. The restaurant screens live sports, therefore, attracting the sports loving demographics amongst many other sections of society. There is a new restaurant-cafe in Nagpur that pays tribute to the original superfood  eggs! Yello New Experiment With Eggs for Nagpur.

Its specialty is egg dishes, and some of the favorites are stuffed egg roll, the cheese corn roll, the lasagna and the cold coffee. They have many styles of omelets including fruit omelets, and egg lovers will be delighted with the spread at this restaurant. And the dishes did not disappoint. At all. While the Herbed Eggs have egg whites with assorted herbs and a dash of green chilli, the Eggs in BBQ Sauce was a sumptuous dish with thick, delicious BBQ sauce. The herbs were fresh and the kick of chilli made the Herbed Eggs refreshing.

Yello has a wam, welcoming exterior and a cool sit-down area with live matches being broadcast on a wall. Swanky and cool, the place is surprisingly pocket-friendly and has a big menu. The rates are reasonable and the portions are good, making this a good destination for many. Service is prompt and polite and the staff are courteous to the guests.

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