“War” Teaser Release : Hrithik Roshan Vs Tiger Shroff

Nagpur : New Delhi – Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff just declared War on Twitter! The duo not only dropped the teaser of their much talked about movie but also revealed the film’s title – War. The War teaser has action sequences from the word go and is only packed with glimpses of Tiger’s battle with Hrithik. Questions like why, when and where can wait but the only point that the War teaser is trying to make is nothing can stop Tiger and Hrithik’s enmity in the movie, a glimpse of which is in their Twitter conversation as well. “Hrithik, your moves may be a little rusty, let me show you how it’s done!” tweeted Tiger which Hrithik had a stern response to: “You’re just starting out in a world I’ve mastered, Tiger. Take a seat!”

The almost-one-minute War teaser begins with glimpses of a middle-aged Hrithik Roshan – his faint streaks of grey in his hair and bulked up muscles can only make you gape in awe. This is followed by an introduction of his nemesis Tiger Shroff. Soon the scene shifts to Mission Impossible like action sequences between Tiger and Hrithik – as their bikes crash, they engage in a fight mid-air. Then there’s a crazy chase sequence with Hrithik way ahead of Tiger. And then what’s an action-packed teaser without helicopter stunts and car races ? Hrithik and Tiger’s gun battle even leads to a hand-to-hand fight with both punching life out of each other. Looks like it’s not the end but just the beginning.

Actress Vaani Kapoor also features in glimpses. Watch Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff’s War teaser here :

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