Diwali 2017, Diwali Celebration, Traditions of Diwali

The Indian traditions of Diwali in India has a long history. Diwali Celebration all over India as a festival symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness.

Indian Traditions of Diwali

In North Indian traditions of Diwali, it is celebrated to honour the victory of Lord Rama over King Ravana and his return back home after an exile of 14 years. In South Indian traditions of Diwali, it marks the victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasura. In the eastern states, especially in West Bengal, on this day the furious Goddess Kali defeated the demon Bakasura.

Even though the reasons of celebrations are different, most of the traditions of Diwali across the country stay the same. Here are some of the most fascinating traditions of Diwali.

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Cleansing the house
Much before Diwali, it is time to throw away unwanted items, clean, repaint and refurbish homes depending on the budget. The tradition behind this is that Goddess Lakshmi graces those homes that are absolutely clean. Thus many decorate their homes with accessories like strings of lights, streamers ribbons, etc. Using colored powder or flower petals, colorful rangolis in traditional patterns are drawn at the doorways.

Making sweets
While there are many options for sweet delicacies in the market, people still prepare lots of mithais and savouries at homes. Sev, Gujiya, Farsan, Chivda, various laddoos, barfi, chakli etc., the list is endless as different regions have different specialities which are made and then distributed to immediate family and relatives and those visiting the house on this occasion.
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Diwali seems like one of the biggest shopping festivals in India since it is auspicious for buying new things. On the first day of Dhanteras it is considered good to buy gold and silver coins as well as jewellery. Kitchenware like utensils too are considered a good buy on this occasion. Electronics, gadgets, furniture, clothes, etc. people buy for themselves and also for gifting purposes. It is also known to be a good time to invest so new property and vehicles too are in big demand during this season.

Lighting Up the house
Illumination of homes is a must to invite the goddess of good fortune – Goddess Laxmi into one’s home. And the traditional way to do it is by lighting handmade earthen lamps with oil. Placed on window sills, and doorways, they add a glittering light to the darkest corners of the house.
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Bursting firecrackers
To celebrate the victory of good over evil, the most joyous tradition of Diwali is to burst firecrackers. Numerous sparkles of noise free firecrackers glitter the sky and while those making sound go on through the night. It is believed that the sound and light of firecrackers helps ward off evil spirits.

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Having parties
Diwali is a time for get-togethers and parties so card parties are a norm. Festive family meals either at homes or outside restaurants too is a tradition and mark of celebration.

Giving gifts
Giving Diwali gifts to friends, relatives and other contacts is one of the most important traditions of Diwali. Earlier boxes of sweets or dry fruits were gifted but now right from food baskets, electronic appliances, gift vouchers to personal consumer products make it to the list.
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Decorating the entrance is of foremost importance while decorating your house, after all that’s the place from where Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) enters your house. So make a beautiful rangoli using vibrant colours or flowers at your doorstep. You can even decorate your rangoli with diyas. A variety of designed stencils are also available in the market to make the rangoli-making task easier.