Tourism Malaysia’s Extensive India Roadshow 2023: Showcasing Vibrant Offerings


Nagpur, 18 August 2023 – Embarking on its second roadshow to India this year, Tourism Malaysia is making its presence felt across six thriving 2nd tier cities from 14th to 26th August 2023. The journey begins in the historic city of Amritsar and continues through Lucknow, Nagpur, Pune, Goa, and Coachin.

The helm of this grand initiative is held by none other than the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, YB Tuan Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan. With the enthusiastic participation of 45 local organizations encompassing hotels, resorts, travel agencies, tourism product proprietors, visa consultants, Malaysia-based airlines, and representatives from state tourism boards, the roadshow is poised to create a significant impact.

Building on the triumph of its initial roadshow in five prominent Indian cities held between 30th January to 7th February 2023, alongside its active involvement in the South Asia Travel & Tourism Exchange (SATTE) 2023 and the Travel Wedding Show in Udaipur, Tourism Malaysia aims to amplify its promotional endeavors in the country through this sequential venture.

Spanning two eventful weeks, the roadshow boasts a spectrum of networking events, including dynamic business-to-business (B2B) sessions, enlightening seminars, and heightened promotion of niche segments such as weddings, golfing, filming, and shopping. Moreover, this platform serves as a remarkable conduit for Tourism Malaysia to shine a spotlight on the forthcoming Visit Malaysia Year, a highly anticipated event scheduled for 2026.

In its current stride, Malaysia has set its sights on welcoming 16.1 million international tourists in 2023, with an expected tourism revenue of RM49.3 billion. Notably, India retains its stature among the leading countries contributing to Malaysia’s tourist influx. In 2022, Malaysia extended a warm welcome to a total of 324,548 Indian tourists. Not to be outdone, the first quarter of 2023 witnessed Malaysia’s gracious reception of 164,566 Indian tourists, showcasing substantial growth compared to the 13,370 from the corresponding period the previous year.

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