Swine Flu on rise- how to take care of you and your family?

Swine Flu on rise- how to take care of you and your family?
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Nagpur: Region’s Swine Flu cases continue to rise with several cases being reported everyday. Deaths due to flu has  being reported as severe pneumonia has also increased. 

Dr. Swaroop Verma, Consultant- Internal Medicine and Critical Care, Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur says that this is the time when people need to be very careful in preventing the disease and keeping a close watch for the symptoms. “The Swine Flu cases are increasing and people need to be careful. In case of any symptoms, a close watch is needed”, he says.

The common symptoms of swine flu include-


* Fever

* Sore throat

* Stuffy or runny nose

* Body aches

* Headache

* Chills

* Fatigue


Swine Flu is contagious, and it spreads in the same way as the seasonal flu. When people who have it cough or sneezes, they spray tiny drops of the virus into the air.


Who are more likely to be at risk of Swine Flu?


* Children under 5 years of age

* Senior citizens 

* Children and teens (under age 18) 

* Pregnant ladies

* Adults and children who have chronic lung, heart , liver, blood, nervous system, neuro muscular, or metabolic issues

* Adults and children who have suppressed immune systems (including those who take immuno supressive medications or who have HIV)

* People in nursing homes and other long-term healthcare facilities


Things you can do to stay healthy:

*continue use of Face mask.

* Wash your hands throughout the day with soap and water. Or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

* Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

* Avoid people who are sick.

 Avoid going crowded places 


Also keep a close watch for the symptoms. In case you see them, contact a doctor. Immediate H1N1 test, x rays, CT scans might require for your patients once symptoms are confirmed.