Shagun Sharma shares summer beauty tips

Actress Shagun Sharma shares summer beauty tips

Summer is upon us in all its glory. As the temperature soars, the heat and humidity can really affect our skin in the form of sunburns, itchy rashes, flare up of active acne, and more. This is why we need a proper skincare routine as your first line of defense.

On this very note, Actress Shagun Sharma who essays the role of ‘Sonu Malhotra’ in Sony Television’s show ‘Ishk Par Zor Nahi’ shares with us a few tricks and hacks to maintain a flawless glowing skin even in the sweltering summers. As per Shagun, we should always update our skincare products and routine with the changing seasons.

Sharing more on same, Shagun Sharma said, “Let’s face it! The scorching summer heat can be unforgiving on our skin! The pollution, intense summer sun, and humidity cause many skin issues! I consider myself a skincare fanatic. For summers, sunscreen is my holy grail. Also, I believe that you are what you eat, so consuming a clean diet, sufficient hydration, and having at least two servings of seasonal fruits a day does the trick for me! I avoid using a lot of products on my skin and keep it to the bare minimum. A good SPF 50 sunscreen, moisturiser, a dewy lip balm and voila- I am done! I am also big time into making homemade facemasks. Lemon and tomatoes are very good for keeping the skin fresh. Also, when I am not shooting, I don’t put make-up on and let my skin breathe.”

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