Season’s Highest Temp at 43.6 deg C in Nagpur

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Season’s Highest Temperature at 46.2 deg C in Nagpur

Wardha was the hottest place in the country on April 25 with 45.0 degrees Celsius temperature

Nagpur: The mercury has started climbing again as Nagpur City recorded the highest maximum temperature of this season at 43.6 degrees Celsius on Monday, April 25. Last Monday, Nagpur also recorded the same temperature. In fact, the maximum temperature it recorded was the highest for the month of April since 2019. Wardha was the hottest place in the country and the 8th hottest in the world on Monday at 45.0 degrees Celsius.

In 2019, Nagpur recorded 45.3 degrees Celsius on April 28. After that, Nagpur recorded a maximum temperature of 43.4 degrees Celsius on April 18, 2020, and 43.1 degrees Celsius on April 29, 2021. As far as the highest maximum temperature recorded ever in the month of April is concerned, Nagpur recorded 47.1 degrees Celsius on April 30, 2009. On Monday, the maximum temperature was 2.1 degrees above normal, and the 24-hour difference was 1.4 degrees. The minimum temperature ranges from 22 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius in April in Nagpur.

Entire Vidarbha is reeling under heatwave conditions. On Monday, the region witnessed scorching summer as most of the places in the region recorded a maximum temperature above the 44 degrees Celsius mark.

Akola (44.0 degrees Celsius), Bramhapuri (44.9 degrees Celsius), and Chandrapur (44.6 degrees Celsius), which had already crossed the 45 degrees mark in the last few days, recorded the maximum temperature above 44 degrees on Monday. Like Nagpur, Gondia (43.4 degrees Celsius) and Yavatmal (43.5 degrees Celsius) crossed the 43-degree mark. The weather department said the heatwave condition will remain throughout the week.