Riddled with dilemma, Hostages makes for a perfect binge-watch this weekend

Nagpur : An impossible situation, high drama and a riveting crime-thriller, Hotstar Specials presents Hostages – a story about living through a dilemma – Would you kill an innocent to save your family?

A tough situation to be in, so we binge-watched the series and here’s what we can reveal! Directed by Sudhir Mishra and starring Tisca Chopra, Ronit Roy, Parvin Dabbas, Aashim Gulati and DalipTahil, the series takes unexpected turns only to unfold hidden stories and secrets behind every character. The story centers around the life of Dr. Mira Anand who is about to perform a routine operation on the Chief Minister. Well, there is nothing routine about what happens next, as her family is taken hostage and she is ordered to assassinate the Chief Minister in return for their safety.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui said, “Hostages is an extremely gripping show, it is full of curiosity and is very well shot. The story flows seamlessly and Sudhir Mishra has painted a masterpiece with this one. I’m sure this show will become a great success”

Arshad Warsi added, “Whenever in a story you reach a point where the viewer thinks there is no way out, I find those stories very interesting. And for a web series, you must have that hook at the end of the episode where you want to know what happens next. Hostages has all these elements that makes for a great watch!”

Chitrangada Singh said, “Hostages is a very edge-of-your-seat kind of show. And it really makes you want to know if she will save her family or save an innocent man. It’s such a huge dilemma!

Rasika Duggal concluded, “The show is very very gripping, and it definitely makes for a great binge-watch! I think all characters are interesting and they’ve done a great job”

The series is captivating in its delivery and is sure to keep you on the edge of your screens, often wondering what the next plot twist will be. But the biggest question looming on your mind will be if Dr. Mira Anand gets herself out of this impossible situation.

Hotstar Specials ‘Hostages’ is currently streaming on Hotstar VIP and is available in Hindi and six other languages.

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