Reserve Bank of India changes bank timings

bank Timing
bank Timing

Nagpur: Bank customers will now get an extra hour to complete bank-related work. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has changed the timings for the trading hours of the market and banks with effect from April 18, 2022.

The RBI changed the opening hours of banks from April 18, 2022 after four days of closure. Now, banks will operate from 9 am. However, no change has been made to the closing time.

Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in India, the opening hours of banks were reduced. But with things getting back to normal, the RBI is implementing this facility from April 18, 2022.

Meanwhile, the RBI also said that from April 18 the trading hours of markets regulated by it will be from 9 am to 3.30 pm.

“With the substantial easing of restrictions on the movement of people and functioning of offices, it has now been decided to restore the opening time for regulated financial markets to their pre-pandemic timing of 9 am,” the RBI release said.