NMC forms special task force for vulnerable children in COVID-19 period

Nagpur: To provide care and protection to the vulnerable children in the COVID-19 period Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has formed a special task force. Children between the age of zero to eighteen who either lost both parents or have both parents admitted to hospital due to covid-19 will be provided care.

According to the Commissioner of Social Development, Rajesh Bhagat, due to the unprecedented disaster of Covid-19, and with lockdown like restriction Shelter homes are facing hard time in taking care of orphaned and homeless children.

In some cases, the death of both parents (mother and father) due to Covid-19 has caused serious problems for orphaned children. As there is no one to take care of these children, the possibility of these children falling victim to exploitation and being involved in crimes like child labor or child trafficking cannot be ruled out. In this connection, a task force has been constituted at the district level for the care and protection of children who have lost both their parents due to COVID-19.

To provide care to the children, NMC has rolled out contact and email details of zone wise officials who will respond to the grievances 24*7. The victims can also contact Child helpline official number 1098.