Nagpur ranks 2nd in the list of Railway Stations with most online food orders

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Nagpur: Apart from the famous oranges, Nagpur Railway Station has emerged as the second most preferred station for passengers for satiating their taste buds with their favourite food online while travelling on a train. While you must be of the opinion that big railway stations like Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai must be witnessing the most number of online food orders, you would be surprised to know that the highest numbers of online orders are received at the Itarsi Junction.

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation(IRCTC) delivers online food to thousands of passengers on a daily basis.

According to reports, the Itarsi junction in Madhya Pradesh has stood on top offering online food to 18,000 passengers in February this year. Itarsi was followed by Nagpur with 17,000 food orders and Bhopal with 16,000 orders in February. After crossing Itarsi, the trains move towards Nagpur in the south, Allahabad towards the east and Jhansi towards the north. Since it takes more than six hours for a train to reach these stations except Nagpur, Itarsi receives the maximum online food delivery orders.

The fourth Railway Station is Vijaywada which supplied 15,800 food orders and Surat comes fifth with 14,800 food orders supplied every month. The sixth Station that supplied 12,200 food orders is Bhusawal followed by Ratlam 12,000, Baroda 11,700, Jhansi 11,400 and Ahmedabad is tenth Station with 11,000 food orders every month.

The Nagpur Railway Station ranks among one of the busiest railway stations in the country witnessing traffic of around 160 trains on a daily basis. The average stoppage of a train at the station is 10 minutes which results in a convenient food delivery experience for passengers.

While the Indian Railways offer the facility of pantry cars in trains for food and beverages on the go, passengers can also order their preferred food online during the journey. For this, IRCTC has collaborated with a range of hotels and restaurants across different cities in the country. The entire list of restaurants and food outlets is available on the application and portal of IRCTC.

After making an online order, travellers are provided with the food as soon as they reach the railway station where the restaurant is located. The Itarsi junction has 17 food outlets that offer meals to railway passengers.

Located at the centre of India, Nagpur Railway Station enjoys the privilege of being the Divisional Headquarters for the Central Railway and South East Central Railways Zones — a rare and significant position for being the headquarters of two different divisions of the Indian Railways. A total of 1.5 lakh passengers commute via a total of 160 trains that either board or leave Nagpur Railway Station. Passengers at the Nagpur Railway Station have the facility to be delivered some amazing food by IRCTC.