Nagpur man turns small garden into mini bird sanctuary, attracts over 40 species of birds


“Birds of various species flock to our place. They used to be worn out so we started keeping water and food for the birds with an aim to save them for our environment”- Tendulkar

He also said his mini-bird sanctuary is a 1,200 square feet green paradise in the “concrete jungle” of Nagpur city.

“I wake up at 6 am to finish my own work and then take care of my guests. I have designed bowls from bamboo and coconuts for them. I fill them with water and food including Bajri, Kanki, and Rala (seeds of grass). These are hung on different trees at specific heights as per the convenience of various species of birds” -Tendulkar added.

A flock of about 40-45 Indian silverbills (White-throated munia) is the first to reach the sanctuary for food. They are soon followed by a variety of birds including House sparrows, Magpie Robbin, Green bee-eater, Coppersmith Barbet, and Red-vented Bulbul.

Tendulkar added that squirrels and butterflies can also be seen in large numbers. Interestingly, there are many beehives in the garden, which has helped cross-pollination in the entire area.

“The birds prefer good quality food and they need special care especially during the rainy season as they don’t eat wet food. I cover the utensils so as to serve them dry food. I also love to donate bamboo and coconuts utensils made to people who intend to share my love of birds” – the environmentalist said.

He further said that spending the morning in his garden is as good as visiting a bird sanctuary and added that it gives him and his family pleasure, which money cannot buy.

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