COVID-19 Nagpur patients share bed in hospital.

COVID-19 Nagpur

COVID-19 Maharashtra is one of the worst affected state hit by the pandemic. The state government has even announced a 15-day lockdown to curb the spread of the disease. The Thackeray government has imposed a number of restrictions following the second wave of corona in the state. ‘

Nagpur: A shocking video of COVID-19 patients seen sharing beds at Government Medical College, Nagpur has shocked everyone. Avinash V Gawande, Medical Superintendent said, “It generally doesn’t happen. It’s a 900-bed hospital. Patients come from neighboring districts & states. So it’s important to give them oxygen quickly.”

We’ve an 85-bed ward for emergency patients – acts as a station before shifting patients. Sometimes several patients come simultaneously. In such a situation, there might be the possibility of there being 2 patients on one bed. But they’re shifted within 10-15 minutes, said Gawande.

Nagpur recorded 5,993 fresh cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday which pushed the tally in the district to 2,97,036. The death toll also rose to 5,960 as Nagpur recorded 57 more casualties.