Multimodality approach essential for Thymic malignancy- TEAM OCHRI

Thymoma pt

Recently a 57-year-old male from Parasiya, Madhya Pradesh was brought to Nagpur based Orange City Hospital & Research Institute in a very critical condition. On admission patient had severe breathlessness with gasping respiration, comatose, hypotension and frothing from mouth. He was immediately resuscitated, intubated and put on ventilator & inotrope support in casualty. He had complaints of breathlessness, cough and unconsciousness since 4-5 hrs. He was admitted under care of Dr. Devayani Buche-OCHRI Senior Physician. He was investigated thoroughly at OCHRI. His investigations revealed huge mass (17x17x10.5 cm) occupying whole thoracic cavity. Biopsy showed it to be Thymoma. Immuno histochemistry confirmed the diagnosis of Thymoma. His diagnosis was Thymoma with Respiratory Failure with urosepsis.

Dr. Devayani Buche informed that, looking at his condition and prognosis relatives were not keen to continue treatment and wanted to take patient home. But she convinced the relatives to continue treatment and at least give a week time to see his progress. She added that Thymoma are the most common primary tumor of the anterior mediastinum in adults. Varieties of other syndromes are seen in patients with Thymoma. This organ is located behind the sternum in front of the great vessels, she further added.

In view of prolonged ventilator support; tracheostomy was also done. He was put on chemotherapy and simultaneously he was managed for his other conditions. Gradually patient responded to treatment. His tracheostomy tube, RT tube and catheter was removed and he maintained oxygen saturation without any support. His repeat CT scan chest showed almost complete resolution of mass. After a month of treatment, he was discharged. At the time of discharge, he was conscious and stable without any respiratory distress. Relatives thanked TEAM OCHRI led by Dr. Devayani Buche for successful comprehensive treatment. They stated that patients come from far and wide to OCHRI as they are known for their multimodality approach to disease.

Multidisciplinary OCHRI TEAM namely Dr. Nikhil Pande- Oncologist, Dr. Jitesh Jeswani- Nephrologist, Dr. Siddharth Saoji- ENT Surgeon, Dr. Venkatesh Rewale- Onco Surgeon and Dr. Sudhir Mahajan- Psychologist supported Dr. Devyani Buche. Dr. Nishikant Lokhande, Dr. Manish Agarwal & Dr. Saurabh Jaiswal- Radiologists, Dr. Milind Pande- Pathologist rendered diagnostic support. 24×7 stationed specialist Intensivist Cover was provided by dedicated team of Dr. Mohit Gharpure, Dr. Akshay Burlawar, Dr. Suchita Naik and Dr. Rajashree Kapkar who are leading clinical assistants Dr. Aves Hasan, Dr. Kushal Narnawre, Dr. Dhananjay Chafle, Dr. Akash Jaiswal & Dr. Nilesh Pidhekar backed by CCU and Ward nursing & paramedical TEAM. Dr. Anit Prakash- Incharge Wards also assisted them. Dr. Atul Dekate– Physiotherapist provided rehabilitation support.