Mother donates her kidney to save 9-year old son..


Nagpur: A mother donates her one kidney and saved the life of her 9-year old dear son. In a first, the boy — Devansh Bonde — became the youngest recipient of a kidney in Vidarbha, according to media reports.

In a way, Devansh was lucky to get a match with his mother, who donated one of her kidneys. Devansh’s is a story beyond a kidney transplant. He is an example of what medical expertise combined with human compassion can do.

According to reports, in December 2021, Devansh started experiencing weakness, headache, appetite loss and vomiting. His parents took him to Dr Kuldeep Sukhdeve, senior paediatrician at Kingsway Hospitals. After investigation, Dr Sukhdeve informed the parents about their child’s high blood pressure. It turned out to be a case of permanent kidney damage. There were two options — either life-long dialysis or kidney transplant. Doctors, later, realised kidney transplant was the better option. Fortunately, Devansh found a match in his parent’s kidney.Mother donates kidney won over the dilemma.

However, when the hospital was preparing itself to perform kidney transplant, Devansh tested positive for Covid-19, delaying the procedure. A person can undergo any surgical procedure only after one month after recovering from the novel coronavirus infection. After due approval from the authorities concerned, the transplant was carried out, and it was a successful procedure. After the transplant, Devansh showed significant progress and gained appetite that helped him overcome weakness, reports added.

According to an expert, the transplant was nothing less than a journey, which had much to its narrative. The child is 9-year old, so it began with taking him into confidence. And what started with introducing him to some art or drawing, eventually led him to reveal that he loved to play Chess! “So, I started playing Chess with him,” said his nephrologist Dr Shivnarayan Acharya. “It was a pleasure to lose to him in the game of Chess,” said Dr Acharya. The patient was under observation of a group of doctors at Kingsway Hospitals.

Paediatrician Dr Kuldeep Sukhdeve, paediatric surgeon Dr Deepak Goyal, nephrologists Dr Shivnarayan Acharya, Dr Vishal Ramteke and Dr Prakash Khetan, transplant surgeons Dr Vasudeo Ridhorkar, Dr Dhananjay Bokare and Dr Sachin Kuthe carried out the challenging task of transplant surgery. Dr Chandrashekhar Cham led a team of anaesthesiologists with a team of OT nurses. The dialysis technicians, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit staff, Transplant ICCU and ward staff provided assistance for pre and post-operative management, resulting in the success of the transplant.

A case of Congenital Kidney Dysplastic:
When asked about the reason for kidney failure in a young person like Devansh Bonde, Dr S J Acharya, Nephrologist said that the boy was suffering from Congenital Kidney Dysplastic. This is not a very common disease. In some cases, the internal structure of the kidney of the fetus does not develop when in the womb. After birth, the kidneys in such children function for the time being and then stop. This boy, too, was suffering from Congenital Kidney Dysplastic. Transplant was the only solution. Earlier, such cases were referred to Mumbai, he added.

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