Monsoon is here in Vidarbha

Vidarbha Reeling Under Heavy Rains, On High Alert For Next 5 Days

Nagpur: An extremely hot summer, which saw temperatures stay above 45 degrees Celsius until the time of its end the monsoon finally arrived in Vidarbha. It is reported that the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has declared the beginning of the Southwest Monsoon in Vidarbha from Thursday. The usual onset date would be on June 15.

Southwest Monsoon is now spreading into the majority of Vidarbha and other areas that comprise North Arabian Sea, Gujarat and all Central Maharashtra and Marathwada certain portions in the south of Madhya Pradesh, entire Telangana and a few parts of south Chhattisgarh and south Odisha and the majority of Coastal Andhra Pradesh, some other areas from West Central and northwest Bay of Bengal on the 16th of June in the press bulletin of the IMD.

In order to declare the onset of Southwest Monsoon, two or more stations in the region must record at minimum 2.5 mm of rainfall over at least two days. In Vidarbha during the over the past 24 hours, rainfall has been recorded at Akola (17.8 millimeters), Brahmapuri (11.6 mm), Gadchiroli (9 mm), Gondia (17.2 mm), Nagpur (6 mm), Wardha (17 mm) and Washim (4 mm). On Wednesday, some areas of Vidarbha were hit with rainfall exceeding 2.5 millimeters.

The department of weather also said that the conditions were favorable for further advances of the monsoon in other areas that comprise North Arabian Sea, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, remaining areas of Vidarbha, Andhra Pradesh and Northwest and West-central Bay of Bengal in next few days. The weather department forecast excellent rains in July for South as well as West Vidarbha. The monsoon’s first spell will continue until June 23 when it will end. More heavy rains are expected on July 15 throughout Vidarbha The weather department has warned.

The monsoon events during the last few days saw a rapid drop in temperatures throughout Vidarbha. This Thursday Bramhapuri registered the most temperature, with 38.3 Degrees Celsius then Chandrapur at 38.0 degree Celsius. Nagpur was the one to record the lowest temperature, with 32.9 degree Celsius. The temperature of the minimum across Vidarbha was lower than 26 ° Celsius the day before on Thursday. Washim was the coldest at 21.5 degree Celsius. Nagpur On Thursday, Nagpur had the highest humidity of 86%, and was followed by Wardha (82 percent) along with Gondia (72 percent)