Modernizing Hindu Temples with Technology: Increasing Donations & Decreasing Cost


Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest surviving religion. Hindu way of living has been a benchmark in the discovery of Yoga, Astronomy and Gurukul System.

There are thirty-three million gods in this mystical religion. Hindu gods are worshipped in the home and at temples.

Temples are a spiritual place of worship, education, and culture.

For over five thousand years, temples and the places of worship have evolved with numerous facilities for the devotees including the provision of food and spiritual events.

In the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence), all aspect of daily life are being evermore automated and Temples are no exception. The Temple’s first innovation is being lead by Sintel Systems Global POS. The company best known for its innovative Omni-Channel and Self-Service Kiosk POS Solutions is revolutionizing  the places of worship. If you have been to a major fast food restaurant lately, you may have already interacted with Sintel’s technology when placing your order on one of their self-serve kiosks. Sintel Systems has now taken that concept and advanced it specially to meet the needs of Hindu Temples with 3 specific objectives: decrease cost, incase donations, and enhance devotees experience.

Many worshipers and Temple attendees do not realize the enormous time, resources, and money that Temples spend in administrative management. Contrary to popular belief,  Temples carry sizable expenses in catering to their members that is not always apparent.  This cost comes in the form of time spent by paid and volunteers to carry on administrate task such as accounting for donations small and big. This extra time and cost would otherwise be spent in enhancing the spiritual, cultural, and educational experiences of the Temple.

In jurisdictions that taxing authorities allow tax deduction of donations to Temples, the burden of recording, maintaining, and reporting the donations made by devotees is a one that carries a high cost for Temples.  While the deductibility of donations is not always the prime factor for donations, it is intended as an encouraging factor. In the great majority of cases, small donations are not recorded or tracked. However, it is the small donations that make up the majority of the income that covers much of the cost of maintaining its operations. Increasing the rate of reporting without essentially any extra cost will naturally lend itself to higher rates of donations at lower cost.

So with these two challenges, Sintel Systems Global POS has developed technology to especially tackle the high cost of management while increasing the rate donations by streamlined tracking and reporting. Sintel’s Temple Kiosk technology allows Hindu temples to assist their members in a very innovative way.  Managing events more efficiently allows more time and energy for what matters the most- WORSHIP.  This awe-inspiring initiative offers an array of services including religious donations and on-site food sales in all-in-one Kiosk System. The system is equipped with a touch screen and accepts credit cards for payment while other options are also available. It also equipped with a built-in printer and a barcode/QR code scanned that allows members to scan their smart devices (i.e. iPhone) to record and track their donations.  Transforming places of worship in a modern way, Sintel Systems is a game changer that will facilitate worshipping through pioneering technology.  Just like a smartphone, the front page of the Kiosk system carries numerous options for the devotee, from the donation page to the food options, but most impressively multi-voucher Pooja options. it is apparent that Sintel Systems planned for every aspect by ensuring that multiple Poojas purchased in one transaction will offer a separate voucher for each Pooja. In the demonstration provided by Sintel,  four Poojas listed including Archana Car Pooja and Kalyanam exhibited. Full video demonstration of the technology is available in Hindi can be seen here:

According to the company, the Kiosk systems arrive to the Temples fully preconfigured and can be used as soon as the same day with very little training. The onsite maintenance of the system involves the replenishing of the receipt paper. Sintel Systems stated that all other systems maintenance as it pertains to the software and system is performed by their technical support team under it all inclusive POSupport YES! program leaving more time for Temple’s management to attend to other important tasks.

Temples interested in this technology may contact Sintel Systems . 


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