‘Mahabharat: A step forward’ Posters Emerge in Islamabad After Article-370 Revocation in India

Poster in Islambad
Poster in Islambad

Nagpur : On a day when the parliament passed the historic bill to bifurcate Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories, posters titled “Mahabharat: A step forward” were seen in Pakistan’s Islamabad.

According to reports, the poster was first spotted by a local resident of Islamabad. The posters quoted Sanjay Raut who on Monday had said that the government will fulfill the dream of undivided India. “Today, we have reclaimed Jammu and Kashmir. Tomorrow, we will take Balochistan, PoK and I have trust that this government will fulfill the dream of undivided India,” he had said.

The Lok Sabha on Tuesday passed the resolution to scrap Article 370 which conferred special status to Jammu and Kashmir and the bill to bifurcate the state into two Union Territories — Jammu and Kashmir with a legislative assembly and Ladakh without a legislative assembly. The resolution and the bill have already been passed by the Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan organized a joint parliament meeting in which, he said that Islamabad is planning to go to the UN Security Council (UNSC) over the Kashmir issue. The joint sitting of the Pakistan Parliament was called to discuss the country’s future course of action after India revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.

“We will fight it at every forum. We’re thinking about how we can take it to the International Court (of Justice) to the United Nations Security Council,” said Khan at the sitting.

He also accu8sed India of planning to change the demographics of Kashmir in violation of the Geneva Convention. Khan also said that India’s decision to scrap Article 370 would cause more “incidents like Pulwama”. “I can already predict this will happen. They will attempt to place the blame on us again. They may strike us again, and we will strike back,” he had said.

“What will happen then? They will attack us and we will respond and the war can go both ways… But if we fight a war till we shed the last drop of our blood, who will win that war? No one will win it and it will have grievous consequences for the entire world. This is not nuclear blackmail,” Khan added.

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