Khapri metro station may become tourist attraction

Nagpur : For years, there has been a dearth of spots in Nagpur where one could take one’s guests for leisure visit. Now, one place is attracting people not only of Nagpur but of other places too. It’s Khapri Metro Station. When one visits the place and has a glimpse of the beautiful manor, one may not have a feel that it is a Metro station, but it is. Architect seemes to have put his/her heart into it. Khapri Metro Station lies on Wardha Road. Once completed, the station would not just be a place to board Metro train; it could also be a tourist attraction, with people coming just to admire its façade. The design of Khapri station of the Nagpur Metro Rail Project was inspired by Mumbai’s Bandra railway station. Bandra station in itself is a Grade I heritage landmark.

Also, the station has characteristic features of Victorian style architecture and Tudor style of architecture such as steeply pitched roof with a prominent cross gable detail (triangular upper part of a wall at the end of a ridged roof). There are murals, sculptures, metal, mosaic, frescos and paintings, mediums like marble, jute, FRP, ceramic and bronze are being used to create these exquisite pieces of art.

Wall installations, optical illusions to giant sculptures also are planned. The station is equipped with hi-tech Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates, Passenger Information Display System (PIDS), Analog Clocks and Public Address Systems for the convenience of commuters. Also, the station has taken well care of divyangs as special lifts on every platform have been set up for them. These lifts will be useful for senior citizens and parents with babies as well.

Since lift buttons have braille, the visual impaired persons would be benefited. With a view that children and specially abled people should not face trouble while booking ticket if there is a huge crowd, special ticket counter has been created. The flooring will have sense of touch convenient for the visually impaired persons which is there from street to platform level. Toilets are made exclusively for differently abled persons. Baby feeding room is also provided.

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