Jio-bp launches new diesel that offers saving of INR 1.1 lakh* per truck annually


-High-performance fuel at base price for the first time in India-

Jio-bp today announced the launch of its diesel with ACTIVE technology, set to elevate diesel standards for Indian consumers. The newly launched additivised diesel, available across the company’s network will yield annual savings of up to INR 1.1 lakh* per vehicle to truckers owing to (up to) 4.3%* improved fuel economy. This new high-performance diesel offering will be available at all Jio-bp outlets and will be offered at regular prices with no additional cost for the first time ever in the Indian market.

Diesel at Jio-bp outlets with ACTIVE technology helps reduce the risk of unscheduled maintenance caused by dirt build-up and removes existing dirt from critical engine parts and protects against its build-up with ongoing use. It is designed to work across a range of commercial vehicles, and with ongoing use, it offers a variety of benefits to drivers and fleet owners. It helps restore and maintain the power of the engine with ongoing use while also reducing the risk of unscheduled vehicle maintenance

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Jio-bp CEO, Harish C Mehta said “While every single customer is important, truckers have always held a special place for Jio-bp. Accounting for over half of truckers’ operating costs, we understand the critical impact of fuel on their overall business performance. To ease their concerns around fuel performance and engine maintenance, Jio-bp has worked over multiple years with the best technologists to develop customized additive from scratch. This additive laced high-performance diesel is designed specifically for Indian vehicles, on Indian roads, and in Indian driving conditions.”

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Consumer problem
Dirt can form and build up over time on critical engine parts, particularly fuel injectors which are quite sensitive to it. Modern trucks with sophisticated fuel injection systems are more susceptible to dirt build up due to their reduced injector hole size. With standard diesel, harmful dirt can build up over time and restrict the holes, which can lead to reduced pick-up, increased fuel consumption, and can even lead to higher maintenance cost.

The solution
Diesel at Jio-bp with ACTIVE technology is specially designed for Indian vehicles and driving conditions to fight harmful engine dirt and clean the engine as you drive, starting from the very first fill. Our exclusive, internationally developed ACTIVE technology fights dirt in two clever ways:

  • ACTIVE molecules attach to existing dirt and drag it away from critical engine parts. The dirt mixes with the fuel and is then safely burnt in the engine.
  • ACTIVE molecules also attach to clean metal surfaces in engines, forming a protective layer which helps stop dirt binding onto the metal.

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Key benefits for consumers

  • Diesel at Jio-bp with ACTIVE technology offers up to INR 1.1 lakh* savings per truck per year and a fuel economy benefit of up to 4.3 %*.
  • It helps restore and maintain the power or pick up of your engine with ongoing use, helping the engine run as the manufacturer intended.
  • It helps reduce the risk of unscheduled maintenance with ongoing use, keeping trucks running on the road.
  • It helps reduce the risk of expensive critical engine component failures caused by dirt build-up.
  • It removes existing dirt from critical engine parts and protects against its build-up.
  • It contains an anti-foam agent that helps deliver cleaner, faster, and safer refueling, so your trucks can spend more time on the road and less time at the pump.

With over 100 years in fuel research, bp’s dedicated team of scientists and engineers have a deep understanding of the interactions between fuels and vehicle technology and collaborate closely with the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. Rigorous testing for the new diesel has been carried out by an accredited and renowned independent global automotive testing agency, Millbrook UTAC in the UK. The product is especially designed for Indian vehicles and Indian driving and operating conditions.

About Jio-bp:

Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML) operating under the name ‘Jio-bp’, is an Indian fuels and mobility joint venture between Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and bp.. The joint venture leverages Reliance’s presence across the country and its millions of consumers through the Jio digital platform. bp brings its extensive global experience in high-quality differentiated fuels, lubricants, retail, and advanced low-carbon mobility solutions. In addition to marketing conventional fuels, RBML provides advanced mobility solutions and alternate fueling options to its customers such as Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points, and Battery Swapping Stations (BSS). RBML is the service provider of RIL’s aviation fuel
business at various airports across India under the ‘air bp-Jio’ brand name. The brand ‘Jio-bp Fuel4U’ caters to on-demand doorstep delivery of diesel and is a market leader in the segment.

Learn more about Jio-bp on / Twitter and Facebook: @Jiobpofficial/ For latest updates check out

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