IRCTC Brings ‘Never Before’ Navratri Offer For Rail Passengers

IRCTC Brings ‘Never Before’ Navratri Offer For Rail Passengers

New Delhi : As celebrations of Navratri or the ‘nine nights’ of festivity in honour of Goddess Durga began on October 10, the Indian Railways began, Railways will now offer ‘vrat ka khana’ (food during fasting) as a part of its e-catering menu during the Navratri festival.

IRCTC said that the option of Navratri special fast food will be available through the e-catering website – ecatering.

Food items like sabudana, sendha namak, kuttu ka atta, among other foods eaten by devotees who observe a fast during the Navratris.

Orders can be placed at least two hours before scheduled journey time with a valid PNR, it said, adding passengers may opt to pre-pay or on delivery, based on convenience. Devotees can avail the facility of having special fasting food on board trains till November 18.

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