Inter-school sports activities meet CENSPORTS commenced at CPS, Amravati Road Bypass

The inter-school sports activities meet CENSPORTS commenced at Centre Point School, Amravati Road Bypass on July 29.

This 12 months Gymnastics, Swimming, Basketball and Futsal activities are being performed at some stage in the direction of the CENSPORTS.

On its 2nd day, i.e. July 30, the spirits of the gamers and the target market have been at a excessive as quarterfinal and semifinal fits had been performed for Futsal. The Gymnastics activities have been held simultaneously.  The girls’ and boys’ groups from over 60 faculties in the town had gathered at the venue to exhibit their skills, experience the sport and win it.

Futsal results

In the U14 Girls category-

1st match

BVM Koradi beat St Vincent Pallotti with a tie-breaker 2-0

2nd match

CPS AB beat BVM Koradi by way of 1-0

3rd match

CPS WN beat DPS Kamptee by means of 1-0

4th match

CPS WN beat Jain International with a tie-breaker by means of 2-0

5th match

CPS AB beat Bhavan’s Trimurti Nagar by way of 3-0

U-14 Boys category

1st semi-final match

CDS beat CPS KR with 4-0

2nd semi-final match

CPS AB beat BVM Civil Lines through 6-2

The finals will be performed on Tuesday

The boys’ last suit will be held between CPS AB and CDS and the girls’ last suit will be held between CPS and CPS AB


In the U-18 Boys category

1st match

CPS WN beat CPS I through 22-2

2nd match

DPS Kamptee beat MKH Sancheti

3rd match

CPS AB beat Jain International through 25-2

In the U-18 Girls category

1st match

BVM Shrikrishna Nagar beat CPS WN by using 6-1

2nd match

CPS KR beat Sanskar Vidya Sagar by means of 22-20


The winners of the U-10 Girls class are as follows-

1. Rahinya Gulhane (St Vincent Pallotti School, Besa)

2. Gunj Rane (SOS Beltarodi)

3. Vasundhara Hiwase (BVM Civil Lines)

The winners of the U-10 Boys class are as follows-

1. Kavin Gidwani (CPS, Katol Road)

2. Samar Wankar (BVM Chinchbhavan)

3. Aurshoom Sangolkar (Jain International School)

The winners of the U-12 Girls class are as follows-

1. Maira Karwade ( CPS KR)

2. Akshani Thakre (St Joseph’s School Fetri)

3. Madhura Kalane ( K John Public School)

The winners of the U-12 Boys class are as follows-

1. Kaiwalya Fating (RKS Public School)

2. Jaikrit Suchak (CPS KR)

3. Siddhant Akhare ( CPS, AB)