Imambada cops arrest 5 in goon’s murder case

Nagpur : Imambada Police on Thursday arrested five persons in connection with the sensational murder of dreaded goon Badal Raju Gajbhiye. Identified as Nilesh Vinod Meshram (22), Sunny Bhaurao Bagde (23), Uddesh Shalikram Meshram (23), Adarsh alias Action Ashok Jorade (20) and Hrithik alias Kalya Vicky Khobragade (19), the accused are the residents of Rambag.

A resident of Rambag, Cement Road, behind Kamgar Bhavan, Badal Gajbhiye (28) was brutally done to death by the accused with swords, knives and stones after throwing chilli powders in his eyes at Baidyanath Square on Wednesday night. Speaking to mediapersons, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone IV) Rajtilak Roushan informed that Badal and accused Nilesh Meshram were neighbours.

Nilesh is the brother-in-law Badal’s brother Aakash. Badal often used to trouble Nilesh’s sister. On April 10, Badal had also thrashed Nilesh’s mother. Fed up of constant harassment by Badal, Nilesh decided to eliminate Badal. Around 10.30 pm, accused Nilesh and Sunny saw Badal sitting near Baidyanath Chowk. They went to their locality quickly, took accused Uddesh and Adarsh with them, and returned to Baidyanath Square with arms and packets of chilli powder. But, Badal was not seen.

Accused Hrithik told them that Badal had gone towards Ajantha Hall. All the accused carrying arms sat in an auto-rickshaw parked nearby waiting for Badal to come. When Badal returned to Baidyanath Chowk with his friend Sunny Malkhan, they threw chilli powder in his eyes and attacked him with sharp-edged weapons. After Badal collapsed, they smashed his face with stones killing him on the spot. The arrests were made by senior PI M M Salunke, API A I Sayyed, PSI Patwadkar and others under the supervision of senior police officials.

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