How 19 years old Sakshi Explored her Career in Writing


Nagpur- Sakshi Pradip Thakare is a 19 years old teen pursuing English literature at St. Francis de sales college Nagpur. She completed her schooling from Little Birds Highschool Darwha. Dist. Yavatmal.

Sakshi was inclined towards Writing since her childhood. But, she never knew that her passion will become a gateway to a meaningful career. As she grew up, she started observing little things in her surroundings. When she passed out her 10th, Sakshi started running in that race which was not made for her. When she understood that Medical is not meant for her, she decided to find her ways of interest.

She received only one answer and i.e Writing. Sakshi didn’t know that writing could also get transformed into a worth meaningful career until she met her inspiration. It is said that God first takes exams and then he decides fate. Similarly, Sakshi was fighting a lost battle ( Battle of her career). A fully confused mind with lots of dreams.

On the other side, she was strong enough to handle herself. God has blessed her with the most versatile kind talented personality Dr.Nikhil Chandwani. Who literally turned her life into that which she always wants. Through Writers rescue Center One more writer started to rescue herself from the chaos of her career. After meeting her inspiration, she decided to stop fighting for her lost battle. She decided to quit the medical.

Now the massive challenge came on her route. Convincing her parents for Writing. Every parent wants their child happy and also well settled. As they belong to a small town, there is NO career in Writing her parents know off. Yet, they asked her why she wants to be in this field. She explained everything about her passion and inspiration.
Her parents are so supportive and compassionate. They not only permitted her but also being the strongest back.

Sakshi started writing and learning new things from Dr. Nikhil Chandwani. She was surrounded by her friends, a society where everyone thinks that only medical is a good career. Sakshi was always being the spectator, whenever she saw her friends fighting for their relationship, and becoming tensed due to unwanted reasons. She decided to write about Teenagers their dilemmas and their strategies of consideration. She finally came up with her Debut Novel, “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR THE BEST.”

The tale describes and takes you to the world of teenagers. Where each Emotion you will experience. Their minds, delicate hearts and their unwanted desires. Sakshi observed in her surrounding those teenagers surrendered themselves to Depression at that age when they actually have to be cheerful.

At the age of playing, they are addicted to relationships. The feeling of attraction which they think that love. And many such issues.

The biggest problem nowadays to identify passion and profession. The age where teenagers mind and heart stuck on overthinking. And on another hand, society which already decided what we have to do.

If we do not run in that race which Society plan for us then Criticisms arrive at doorsteps. In between this battle, many teenagers let themselves to surrender to the depression.

But this is not the option Sakshi believes.

Considering this crisis of teenagers, Sakshi decided to write this Inspirational fiction which elucidates that each turn in life is for reasons. Because God has a masterplan for all of us. It happens sometimes it’s too early and sometimes it’s too late but it happens and definitely for the best.

To tell this, Sakshi engraved this mesmerizing tale which takes you on an awesome ride; where you will Meet Aashi and Neer.

Aashi will prove to you that whatever happens, happens for the best.

The story of a girl who prepared her perfect comeback with her parents’ supports after the depression. The tale magnifies each emotion, spirit, strength, confusion, passions and all.

Sakshi wants to tell the teenagers that don’t be afraid of any turns. Be calm and find your passions and follow it, you will definitely become happy. Don’t mess yourself just trust each turn of your life because it will lead to a wonderful destination. This journey Makes Sakshi the 1st published Author from her town. Sakshi has a kind heart so learning from her Dad, she recently decided to startup the social work.

When she saw the children the same as her age. She feels to do something for them. This kind-hearted girl thinks a lot about this and considering these children, Sakshi finally decides to do something for these kids. Because she believes that spreading love and smile is worth the most valuable entity which anyone can do.

So she decided to create a team with the mission “ ONE LIFE – MILLION SMILES “.

She finally managed to make her squad in which the following people are the creative minds.

1)Nikhil Kumar
2)Asit Bansod
3)Deependra Goswami
4)Sayli Telrandhe
5)Neha Yennawar

They are planning to focus on the issues which are faced by those children because of situations.

Sakshi says that “ What happened if we are not able to change their conditions but we are able to change their thinking and attitude towards their situation which will one-day lead themselves to definitely change their life. “

Their team want to collect these children from NGOs, orphanage, slums and want to share their knowledge with them. They want to make all those children active in extracurricular activities and want them to show their hidden talents.

On the other side of the coin, Sakshi and her team planned to collaborate orphans with old age people’s so they can experience the love of their grandson or granddaughter and will tell them those historic tales and orphans also get the love of their grandparents and will ask their collection of various questions to them.

Their motto is to spread Smiles on millions of faces. And want to realize them that each child has their own special talent.

Crises may be wrong but their talent and dedication will change it.

Sakshi wants to create “SNEHDIP” That means they want to lit up the lamps of happiness, friendship, love, knowledge, and that attitude which those children will use to change their situations.

Sakshi is also working with the dynamic Aero-modelling company AERO2ASTRO as a content writer.

All these little achievements she enjoys at 19. She gives all the credit to her parents who support her and specifically her mentor Dr. Nikhil Chandwani who is there throughout the journey.

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