Hottest day of season on April 18 with 43.6 deg C


Chandrapur and Akola were the hottest in Vidarbha with maximum temperature at 44.2 degrees Celsius.

Nagpur: The Orange City on Monday recorded the sweltering 43.6 degree Celsius, the hottest temperature of the season. Heatwave is sweeping across Vidarbha region as in all the major locations in the region, the maximum temperature was 40 degrees Celsius or above on Monday.

Chandrapur and Akola were the hottest in the region with maximum temperature at 44.2 degrees Celsius. Nagpur and Wardha followed with 43.6 degrees Celsius and 43.8 degrees Celsius respectively.

Nagpur, on Monday, recorded the highest maximum temperature of the season for this year. In fact, the maximum temperature it recorded was the highest for the month of April since 2019. In 2019, it had recorded 45.3 degrees Celsius on April 28. After that, Nagpur recorded a maximum temperature of 43.4 degrees Celsius on April 18, 2020, and 43.1 degrees Celsius on April 29, 2021.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the mean maximum temperature of Nagpur is 39 degrees Celsius during the first week of April. It rises to 42 degrees Celsius towards the end of the month. On a few occasions, it exceeds 44 degrees Celsius. As far as the highest maximum temperature recorded ever in the month of April is concerned, Nagpur recorded 47.1 degrees Celsius on April 30, 2009. On Monday, the maximum temperature was 2.8 degrees above normal, and the 24-hour difference was 1.6 degrees. As far as mean minimum temperature is concerned, it ranges from 22 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius in April in Nagpur.

On Monday, Nagpur recorded the minimum temperature of 23.6 degrees Celsius, which was 0.7 degrees below normal, but there was a difference of 1.8 degrees between minimum temperature on Sunday and Monday. The Indian Meteorological Department predicted the sky to be partly cloudy over Nagpur till April 24. But, the maximum temperature is expected to be above 41 degrees Celsius. Minimum temperature is predicted to rise steadily to 26 degrees Celsius till April 24. Heatwave conditions are very likely to occur at isolated pockets, on Tuesday. On April 21 and April 22, thunderstorms with lightning are very likely to occur at isolated places.

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