Govt fixes charges for COVID treatment in pvt hospitals

नागपुरात बरे होणाऱ्या रुग्णांमध्ये वाढ, मात्र मृत्यूचा आकडा अजूनही चिंताजनक

Principal Correspondent :

Public Health Department of Maharashtra has decided to fix the rates to be charged by private hospitals from patients for COVID treatment. The department has fixed rate as per the city’s status. Department has decided to take this step in order to redress the grievances regarding exorbitant amount of money charged by Healthcare providers from the patients who are not covered by any health insurance product or any bilateral agreement/MOU between any hospital and private corporate group. The notification issued by Public Health Department throughout the Maharashtra, says total operational bed capacity for treatment of Covid-l9/suspected Covid-19 will be regulated by rates prescribed. This applies to isolation beds.

That means 80% of isolation beds available with any healthcare provider under this notification should be regulated by State Government/District Collectors/Municipal Commissioners’ Healthcare Providers may charge their rack rates to the remaining 20% beds. Patients belonging to both categories (80% and 20%) can take treatment in NICU, PICU, daycare and hemodialysis at the respective applicable rates on first come first serve basis. For Covid Patients treated at any of the Hospitals/nursing homes/Clinics covered under this notification across Maharashtra, rates shall not be more than rates prescribed. There shall be no difference in the quality of treatment being meted out to patients treated against 80% of total beds or 20% beds.

The Healthcare Providers shall display at a prominent place number of permitted beds (permitted as per The Maharashtra Nursing Home (Amendment) Act 20061, operational beds status of availability of beds 80:20 division of beds. Healthcare Providers shall display at prominent place the details of rates applicable for Covid- 19/suspected Covid- 19 patients.